Satyamev Jayate Latest (Sunday.3.June.2012) episode on inter-religious marriages and Khap Panchayats

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To start with: The Priyanka – Rizwanur affair in Kolkata few years ago. I was in Kolkata at that time and the news was on front pages. I read all reports on this subject with great interest, since I (Hindu) also married an Arab Muslim girl, from whom I have two children almost as old as Amir. Amir has twice married Hindu women. SRK has (so far) once married Hindu woman. Salman may marry Hindu woman after he grows up (Indian Law says that male cannot marry till 21). Hrithik has married Muslim woman. 

The show has done a great job of playing to the gallery, showing tears and claps at appropriate times. What I read in the Kolkata papers at that time suggested that Rizwanur committed suicide out of frustration. You and I would probably have done the same. It is quite common, happens every day everywhere. 

Then the show goes to Khap Panchayat (Manoj & Babli), and the accent shifts to same gotra marriage. Does the show accept same gotra marriage? This is against genetic code. Same gotra leads to infertility (no children) and other genetic problems & deformities. Just see our Parsi community. When I was in school, there were 1,50,000 (0ne Lakh Fifty thousand) Parsis. Today there are hardly 20,000/-. Why? This is the community which ran away from Iran due to Islamic marauders in 689 AC and settled in Gujarat 1200 years ago, and produced such great people like Dadabhoy Naoroji, J.N.Tata, S.P.Godrej, H.N. Sethna and other greats. Why is it not producing MANY more children? Answer: Genetics. 

Killing of Manoj & Babli (same gotra) was not necessary. They would pay for their sin in the form of deformed children or no children. But what about Manoj & Babli’s parents? Would they want deformed grandchildren? Don’t grandparents have any say in how their genetic program carries on? I believe grandchildren are more important than children. Rahul Bajaj agrees with me. All grandparents will agree with me. 

However mixing Priyanka-Rizwanur affair in the same show with Manoj-Babli, creates confusion. These are two totally un-related issues. The Priyanka Rizwanur affair relates to software while the Manoj-Babli affair relates to hardware. 

Software is externally implanted program in your brain after birth (beginning with your name) as opposed to hardware (sperm and egg) as per the genetic code. 

While the above named worthies did not face any violence (as far as I know) due to Muslim marrying Hindu, I did face violence, 36 years ago. I was earning 10 times of what an IAS was earning as salary, but had to run away due to difference in software. I was on Linux (open source code), while her brain was controlled by Windows, whose source code is known only to Bill Gates, the prophet of Windows! 


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