China President Visits India

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China president Xi Jin Ping is coming to India. NaMo will receive him and take him to Gujarat. Agenda for talks:


IMPORTANT: China has ALWAYs been Ruled by the Genetically HAAN race people. Mr. Xi Jin Ping is HAAN.

The first Chinese Emperor, 2220 years ago, named ShihuangDi founded the CHiN dynasty and was genetically of the HAAN race. From CHiN comes the name CHiNA. He started building the Great Wall of China in 206 BCE, which is just 26 years after 0ur own Hindu-Buddhist Emperor Ashoka died in 232 BCE. It means Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism in China BEFORE ShihuangDi, which is before the beginning of the Great Wall of China. ALL rulers of China, all Emperors of China, of all dynasties have ALWAYs been genetically HAAN race people. The Last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi was also Han. He was overthrown by Dr. Sun Yat Sen, also HAAN, in 1919=less than 100 years ago, which is around the same time as Gandhi baba started anti-British movement in Hindustan. Today China president Mr. Xi Jin Ping is also HAAN. China president before him named JiangZeMin was also HAAN. Ma0zeDong was also Han. Liu Sha0 Chi was also HAAN. DengXia0Ping was also HAAN. Chou En Lai was also HAAN. China believes in Rule by Genetic Majority. It is obvious that in China, genetics hardware=HAAN , is more important than belief=software=religion.

<1>China is Rich—Very Rich! China is Richer than America. China is Richer than Japan. China has lot of money. Today China is the richest country in the world. We want China to invest here in India. China will invest in India if they can get suitable return on their investment. It is pure dhandha!

<2>China has long ago (more than 50 years ago) taken over and occupied Aksai Chin area, an area of about 32000 square km which is the North-East corner of J&K. Aksai Chin is a high plateau averaging about 17000 feet. This area was probably occupied by General Zorawar Singh of the J&K Maharaja around 200-300 years ago. Apparently very few people lived there. It is quite an inhospitable place.

China occupied this area about 55 years ago. This area is exactly North-East of the HinduKush mountains and China built a road thru Aksai Chin connecting Tibet with Xinjiang province. Photos of this road and wayside resting/eating places are there on Google Earth. Thus this area is of extreme importance to China and will not give it up.

REVOLUTiONARY IDEA: Why not SELL this place to China and get money for it? Selling land is not a new idea. An example is ALASKA, America’s largest state by land area=5,86,000 square miles=almost half as big as the whole of India. Alaska was bought by USA from Russia in 1867 by paying US$ 72 Lakh. Alaska is very mountainous, near to the north pole, very cold, and very thinly populated—same like Aksai Chin.

Even though Aksai Chin is today under Chinese occupation, we can still ask Mr. Xi Jin Ping for money. Alaska was bought 150 years ago. Today land prices have gone up more than thousand times. We can get good money for it. China will mostly agree because it will make its claim to Aksai Chin legitimate.

The least we can do is try this method.

Even today (16.Sept.2014) Chinese soldiers have advanced further into Indian territory in eastern Ladakh places like Sumdurong Chu, Demchok, and Chumur and put up tents.

We need to jointly demarcate the boundary between the two countries and fit marker pillars.

<3>India had a border war with China in October 1962 which India lost badly. China in 1962 had occupied most of Arunachal Pradesh, but for unknown reasons withdraw and went back and Arunachal is back in India. I have been to Arunachal including Se La, Bom Di La and Tawang (very cold where there is snow even in mid-May (peak of summer), which were taken over by China in 1962 (but they went back). Everybody in all these places speak fluent Hindi. The second largest Buddhist Monastery (after Lhasa) is in Tawang.

<4>Traditionally China Religion is Ta0-ist-Buddhist, which is almost the same as Hinduism. Hanuman is Chinese monkey god (same like us) and is called Soon Mu Khong in Chinese. Chinese religion also have female goddess like us (no other religion has female gods). Chinese goddess or mercy is Kwan Yein.

But it is not sure whether Mr. Xi Jin Ping believes in god or religion and whether Mr. Xi Jin Ping prays or not, because 0fficially China govt. does not believe in god and religion. Therefore it is not sure if Mr. Xi Jin Ping will pray in Buddhist temple in Gujarat like NaMo did with Japan PM Shinzo Abe in Kyoto, Japan last week.

<5>Buddhism was introduced into China by our Emperor Ashoka more than 2200 years ago, which is before China’s first emperor CHiN ShiHuangDi started building the Great Wall of China in 206 BCE. Thus India has very strong ancient religious commonality with China. Can NaMo capitalize on this?

<6>In China all Kristo Padrees and eslimeyick mullahs are appointed ONLY by govt. after much background checking & clearance by govt. China does NOT recognize Pope. China does not recognize any prophet. Religion is simply tolerated, it is NOT encouraged.

<7>China is also suffering from eslimeyick terrorism. They have a large province named Xinjiang populated by Uighur Muslims, who are genetically NOT of Haan race, which Xi Jin Ping is. Land area of Xinjiang is exactly half of India but is mostly thinly populated desert including the Takla Makan.

<8>Recently two months ago China banned Ramzan. It also banned many Islamic symbols.

<9>This probably happened due to the Islamic terrorist attacks in Kunming Railway station (which is in the heartland of HAAN China) many months ago, as well as other Islamic problems in Urumqi, Kashghar and other Islamic places in China. About three hundred people are reported to have been killed in these places.

<10>China’s eslimeyick Xinjiang province has border with Pakistan (POK) and it is suspected that Paki- eslimeyicks could be giving them aid, arms and ammunition.

NaMo can capitalize on this common problem?

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