Religion: Windows or Linux?

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All SEMiTiC Religions have:

<1>Single PROPHET who is the only person who knows

<2>SOURCE CODE (=a vague connect to a vague idea called gawd=gwad=gwadda=ghoda>khacchar<gadha= =O0o0Opar walay ke mobile ka code type cheeZe.

<3>A specific OPERATiNG MANUAL.


<5>0perating in a SPECiFiED L0KATiON.

<6>ORiGiNates from a specific Geographical Location.


<1>JUDAiSM is the 0ldest of these, of which the

PROPHET who knows the






Rabbi who operates in a

specified location called


ORiGiNATEs from

Jerusalem – a

Specific geographical location.


<2>CHRiSTiANiTY comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the

source code was/is

El Kristo




PRiEST who operates in a

specified location called


ORiGiNATEs from

Jerusalem – a

Specific geographical location.


<3>ISLAM comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the






Mullah who operates in a

Specified location called


0RiGiNATEs from

Mecca – a

Specific geographical location.

<4>WiNDOWs religion comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the


Bill Gates.


WiND0Ws manual


MS DOS which operates in

Trillions of locations worldwide.

0RiGiNATEs from

Redmond, Washington state, USA – a

Specific geographical location.


The following analogy will explain that RELiGiON is SOFTWARE concept:

99% of humans are today using WiNDOWs, which is SOFTWARE. And as per above, it exactly satisfies the four conditions of Semitic religion.

All Semitic religions begin by believing something which is physically and scientifically impossible to prove, one way or another.

Once you begin by believing the impossible, everything that follows from it becomes believable which is a SUBJECTiVE CERTAiNTY!

Since all religions are based on BELiEViNG the impossible, that is the flaw. Let us call this flaw a ViRUs.

Now let us look at Windows. Everybody knows that Virus is very common in Windows and there are hundreds of companies making money by selling Anti-Virus.

 Is there any alternative?

Yes there is: the alternative is LiNUX which is an OPEN SOURCE CODE known to all. Everybody knows it. There is no single prophet in this system. There is no monopoly.

Sure, Linux was invented by Linus Torvalds, but he did not monopolize it. Also, in LiNUX, there is no virus because it is as per Law of Nature and in Law of Nature there cannot be any virus.

If this is so, why is Windows more popular than Linux?

Because Microsoft, the creator of Windows has a vast PAiD network of Operating Systems (Rabbi / Padre / Mullah=ALL PAID MONEY== System Analyst / Programmer / Code writer / Channel Partner etc. ALL PAID MONEY) who produce “CUT & DRiED, simply followed, push button software programs” which need no intelligence because they are to be followed blindly (just push button); since logic has been replaced by a "SUBJECTiVE CERTAiNTY" thru BRAiNWASHiNG, by people of superior intelligence, the first being THE BUDDHA, more than 2500 years ago. The Buddha said: "He who raises a child has a greater influence on the child than its genetic father."! This was proved scientifically by KONRAD LORENZ who proved that the Genetic Program stops at the moment of birth (He got Nobel Prize for it in 1973). The last genetic directive is: "Primary awareness thru any of the five physical senses=sight, sound, smell, taste & touch, which seems/appears to be the safest next move for continued survival and existence." The genetic program ends there and the external environment takes over.

All living creatures, including man, are born as per The GENETiC CODE which for humans: contains 23 X chromosomes and 23 Y chromosomes.

While the Genetic Code is a natural EMBEDDED system which comes from our progenitors (=father + mother + ancestors), Religion is a human created externally implanted software which is implanted by the implanter into the implantee after birth, for his own objective (which must necessarily be SELFiSH since it comes from within=own=self) and hence is NOT Law of Nature, since it is not, and cannot be, universal for the whole species, since the survival directive for each individual creature could be different due to different external conditions.

The externally implanted software [religion] controls the thought, behavior and actions of the hardware=human body. The fact that externally (after birth) implanted religion is the controlling software was first recognized by The Buddha 2500 years ago, and was proved by Konrad Lorenz who got the NOBEL PRiZE for it in 1973.

It was the Buddha who first said, “He who NURTUREs a life, has greater control on that life than he who PRODUCEs it”. The producer being the physical progenitor – that is mother & father. If for any reason the Nurturer (one who raises the child/creature) is NOT the producer (father/mother) – which is quite common among humans – then the child/creature will believe/behave as per the beliefs implanted by the Nurturer.

This was experimentally proved by Konrad Lorenz, for which he got the NOBEL PRiZE in 1973. I have used the word “child / creature”, because this is applicable equally to humans as well as animals. Indeed Konrad Lorenz experiment was with birds=geese, which are creatures – not human – and he NURTURED a large group of newly hatched geese into believing/behaving like humans by living with them for a period. When real female goose (who actually laid the eggs from which these geese were hatched) was brought into the enclosure, the baby geese followed Lorenz as if Lorenz is the mother, totally ignoring the actual goose which was the actual physical progenitor/mother.

The EMBEDDED system in the geese was the genetic code of geese, which ended at the moment of birth & got over-written by the EXTERNALLY (after birth) IMPLANTED software (the baby geese thinking they are human) as proved by Konrad Lorenz.

RELiGi0N therefore is an EXTERNALLY IMPLANTED software) AFTER BiRTH, and the child/creature believes/behaves as per this EXTERNALLY IMPLANTED system (=software).
Today SOFTWARE rules our life. 98% of the world uses WiNDOWs and only 2% use LiNUX!

The source code of WiNDOWs is OWNED by Bill Gates, it is his monopoly, just like the source code (WiNDOW to god?) is owned by prophets of Semitic religions.
Hinduism is LiNUX, an open & free source code, nobody’s monopoly. Every user of LiNUX has to write his own program. Hinduism has no prophets dropping out of the sky who have exclusive ownership of the source code. Hinduism is LAW OF NATURE. Hinduism is what was proved by Charles Darwin – Survival. Hinduism is Sigmund Freud – as proved by the Khajuraho temples.
The PRiMAL FEAR in every creature is the fear of death. It has nothing to do with religion. Animals have no religion that we humans know of. Yet all animals fear death as much as we humans do. Do animals have a concept of god? We do not know.
In ancient days when we did not have scientific knowledge, whenever cataclysmic events happened (Thunder / Cyclone / Earthquake / Flood / Tsunami / Volcano) we humans thought it was being caused by some unknown power. Some smart people (prophets?) said it was a specific entity (god?), gave it a name and a ready-made system to appease this specific entity. This system became religion.
The so called educated / intellectual / (intelligent?) Hindus, who were beaten by Ghazni / Ghori etc. and later by Robert Clive, suffer from an inferiority complex due to the 0pen source code of Hinduism, which if it be considered a religion, has no single prophet, no single god (Hinduism has 330 million gods), no single symbol, no systemic compulsion, no single book.
It is simply Law of Nature. Because the Semites conquered and ruled them for a thousand years, this dis-similarity between Semitic – Widows and embedded Hindu – Linux is what rankles them.

Semitic, prophet based religions are Windows Religions, whose prophet is Bill Gates who SELLs you a “cut-and-dried” package. All you have to do is “CLiCK”, and prest0>>there is the package that does the job! Hinduism is LiNUX. There is No ready-made package. You have to write your own program and create your own “package”. And everybody knows who is making more money: Bill Gates! NOT Prof. Linus Torvalds !

It is easier to believe something that is impossible, because whatever is actually possible has proof which can be followed logically. To understand and follow the logic needs some mental effort, some knowledge & some intelligence. Hinduism is pure Law of Nature as proved by Charles Darwin. But people are uneducated and lazy to make the effort. So they find it convenient to believe the impossible. All ORGANiZED Religions BEGiN by believing the IMPOSSiBLE! Once you begin by believing what is impossible, everything becomes believable.

0rganized religion is pure politics!

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