How to Corporatize corruption

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How to Corporatize corruption:

37 Years ago when I lived in Mumbai, I had to travel every day by local train from Andheri to Churchgate. I used to travel on a Railway Pass, which was available and cost less than a daily ticket.

0ne day while I was in the train, a T.T.E. (=Traveling Ticket Examiner) came into my compartment and started checking tickets. I took out my PASS and showed him. He moved to the next man who showed him a card which was different in color and size from my PASS. The T.T.E. saw it and moved on.

I then asked this man how come he had a smaller RED pass of different size than my PASS which was yellow and bigger in size?

He told me this was his BTTA membership card.

“eh? BTTA? What’s that?” I asked.


I was highly surprised. He then explained that membership of BTTA cost exactly HALF of whatever the Railway charges for a monthly pass. So everybody saves money. He explained the benefits. He told me that BTTA offered exactly the same schemes to anyone/everyone at half the official price. At that price BTTA at that time had six lakh members. Each member paid at least Rs.20/-per month for a service that officially cost Rs.40/-. So a BTTA member would save Rs.20/- every month. At that time petrol was ONE RUPEE per liter. Today petrol is Rs.80/- per liter. So Rs.20/- at that time was worth Rs.1600/- today, which is a lot of money.

So Rs.20/- paid by 6,00,000 (six lakh) members= =Rs.1,20,00000/- (=1.2 crore) every month.

Out of this Rs.1.2 crores, 0ne crore per month was paid as KiCKBACK to the T.T.E. Union of the Railway, which was distributed between the few hundred T.T.E.s on duty during that month.

BTTA made a TAX FREE profit of 20 lakhs every month which is equal to 16 crores at today prices.

WABi………..! What A Brilliant idea !

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