Can Government ban Pornography...?

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Eh? Ban pornography?

You mean make watching pornography a criminal offense?

How are they going to enforce this ban? They will need more than THREE policemen per citizen to do this!

eh? THREE policemen? Why three?
Because policemen are supposed to work in EiGHT-HOUR shifts, and there are 24 hours in a day. So 24 divided by eight is THREE!                                                                                     
But you are saying MORE than three? HOW?
Array, policemen also have to go on leave n0? So some of the policemen will always be on casual leave, privilege leave, earned leave and even sick leave. That is why Bhaarat Sir Caar will need more than three policemen per citizen!
eh? I just thought: How about installing CCTV cameras? Surely it is cheaper than having four policemen per citizen!
WHAT? Install CCTV in every room (bathroom is also a room) of every house in this hole cunt Ree?
Yes, it will still be cheaper than employing four policemen per citizen, isn't it?
OK, but you will still need competent staff to see all those goddam CCTV recordings!
Yeah, but........OMiG0dDd !!
eh? Why OMiG0dDd??
Just tell me: All those competent staff who will see all those goddam CCTV recordings will
be SARKARi people?
Sure. Why?
That means Bharat Sir Caar will hire people and pay them SARKARi salary and benefits to watch exactly the thing that the govt. wants to ban?
Hey Ram! Ab Terra Kya Hoga KaaliYa?

And what does the citizen do when the policeman goes home at night and does exactly same pornography with his wife?
He follows the policeman and sees him doing pornography with wife.
But that is NOT allowed!
Of course it is allowed. Actual doing is allowed. Only watching on screen is ban.
Otherwise how do we teach our children about the BiRDs and the BEEs?

0ne day I was walking on the road with my six year old grandson, and we passed a couple of dogs fucking.

“Why is 0ne dog pushing the other dog from behind?” grandson asked.

“0h, he is just pushing his friend in the direction of a juicy bone”, I replied.

Why do we have to tell lies to our children and grandchildren?

No other species tells lies. Indeed, all species (EXCEPT HUMANS) fuck in front of their children or anyone or anything else.

I do not know how many more things the govt. is going to ban!

On TV, you are constantly told “smoking kills” etc. etc.

Then FOUR-LETTER-WORDs…….Like SHiT & fuck got replaced by **********  ………..&……************ on TV screens!

As if Indians don’t SHiT or fuck!

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