India is a beehive

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Rahul Gandhi says India is a Madhumakkhi-ka-chhatta ==beehive!

Which CHHATTA is RaGa talking about? The white (=dead) one on the left or the dark (living) on on the right? This photo is NOT photoshopped or morphed. I took this photo as-it-is on 18 March 2013. I can take you there and show you exactly as it is.

Video: http://youtu.be/mn0I5xJpZAo 

He is absolutely correct! How? Why? Let me explain:

This has to do with the REPRODUCTiVE SYSTEM of BEES! Obviously, there is much similarity between the reproductive system of Indian humans and Madhumakkhi s, and that is why this analogy has been used.

All creatures on this planet (inklooding me, you, your fadder, my fadder, dog, cat, lion, tiger, cow, buffalo, cockroach, spider==every creature) have TWO producers==Mother+Father=2 units==Female+Male=2 units, and to produce children, fuckcking must happen. Yet there are exceptions to this rule.

There are some species which have SiNGLE unit reproductive system like AMOEBA and modern SEA HORSE which live in the sea. In these species there is no such thing as mother and father. So there is no fuckcking ! Each SiNGLE unit gives birth (splits?) to produce other new units of the species, and the species cunt-in-you s!

There are also species which have TRIPLE unit reproductive system. And this species is BEEs==MADHUMAKKHi !

In a Madhumakkhi-ka-chhatta ==beehive, three kinds of bees live. One is the QUEEN bee. When the time comes, this queen bee lays 0ne million=Ten Lakh ==1000000 eggs. Out of this 1000000 eggs, come out ONE QUEEN, 99 males (also called drones), and 9,99,900 worker bees. One Madhumakkhi-ka-chhatta can have ONLY 0ne Queen=Law of Nature==always so. It is proved. Now these worker bees have no sex. They have no sexual organs. They cannot fuckckk! In fact, these worker bees don’t even know what fuckcking is!

The job of the worker bees. is to fly from flower to flower, suck out the honey from the flower and carry it back to the beehive so that the QUEEN and the DRONEs can eat and become powerful fuckckers, and produce more bee children.



It is the programmed duty of the DRONEs to work + work + work +work………. Like dogs Cunt in you us lee, and feed the Queen and the DRONEs==same as pay tax + pay tax + pay tax + pay tax…………..cunt in you us lee! Without having any benefit (such as fuckcking).

The 99 DRONEs are of course always on the lookout to fuckck the Queen bee. So when the time comes (by law of nature==life cycle), the Queen flies out of the beehive and invites the 99 males (=DRONEs) to pursue her. The queen has much more energy than the drones and keeps going higher and higher. The drones keep trying to catch up to the Queen, and depending on their energy level, die and drop off one by one, till only one Drone remains.

This winner drone finally fuckcks the Queen, who then produces 1000000 eggs, out of which again there will be 0ne new Queen + 99 new Drones + 9,99,900 workers……………….and the cycle will cunt in you as per Law of Nature!

It does not need Rocket Science to figure out, that in three-unit Indian reproductive system, who is which!

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