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Today’s [Sat.10.Nov.12]Mirror paper has a news item: Shri RAM JETHMALANi, Senior Lawyer+ Advocate Supreme Court said: Lord Ram was a bad husband. He also “Had serious doubts Whether Ram was a historical figure?” which in Hindi means: “Kya Shri Ram actual insaan thay? Jo ki actually iss dharti par paida huay whenever? (date not important), Jiye & Maray, Jaise ki har manushya karta hai?

 DO YOU AGREE with Mr. Ram Jethmalani?   WHAT IS YOUR ViEW? DO YOU HAVE A ViEW?

He is probably referring to Ram subjecting Sita to AGNi PARiKSHA bkoz some Dhobi created doubt. Do you justify Ram subjecting Sita to Agni Pariksha? YES / NO? Please give reasons.

Dilip Bam’s question is: If Ram was indeed a born human, do you consider him as god? If yes, then why?  If no, then why n0t?

DilipBam is an AGNOSTiC. An Agnostic is one who is neither a Theist (=0newho BELiEVEs in god), nor an Atheist (=0ne who does NOT believe in god). Therefore the question  that Ram is, or was, god is irrelevant and ultra-vires to the context. Reasons are given on his website. You may disagree with what I say, but if you do, please challenge me with DATA, which must be physically d0able / measureable & scientifically provable.

The greatest brain of the 21st Century==Stephen Hawking, who is sitting in the same Chair in which Issac Newton sat 300 years ago says GOD DOES NOT EXiST ! Albert Einstein, the greatest brain of the 20th Century said, “Religion is the OPiATE of the masses. OPiATE means Opium==Afeem, which is a drug from which Heroin is made. Therefore those who have any religion and believe in an idea called gawd, are afeemchi!  Similarly 450 years ago Galileo, who invented the TELESCOPE and actually saw the Earth going round the sun said that god does not exist, and he was made to apologize to Pope. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin who went to the Moon, actually saw from the moon that Earth was moving around the Sun.

Now, as educated people, would YOU believe in   AANKHON  DEKHi  HAQUEEKAT ? 0r some theoretical UN-provable idea told to you by some so-called Agent OF Gwadda / Ghoda / Gadha /Gawd  / God or whatever! Anybody who is reading this can easily buy a binoculars and SEE FOR HERSELF/ HiMSELF (ladies 1st)!

DilipBam does NOT believe in any Gwadda / Ghoda / Gadha /Gawd / God or whatever!

Therefore he also does not believe in any agent0s of gwadda / ghoda or even gadha. I am here and now, openly saying: at 16:20 pm (=4:20 pm) on Thursday 8.Nov.2012 that Gwadda / Ghoda / Gawd / God or whatever, is a LUMP OF SHiT !

 If I tell anybody (human) that he or she is a LUMP OF SHiT, there will be argument / fight / mara-maari  / or whatever. But here I am, openly calling god as lump of shit and nothing has happened to me until now. If there is a gwadda / ghoda / gadha / gawd / god – then why is he not hurting or killing me?           It is bkoz god does not exist !

So how did the idea of gwadda / ghoda / gadha / gawd / god begin?  The idea began due to FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN, which is there in all of us!

Some clever human (maybe lakhs of years ago) started:  OBSERVING, QUANTiFYiNG and MEASURiNG natural phenomena such as Rain, seasons, Thunder  & lightning etc. and by deftly TiME – LiNiNG these phenomena, he was able to PREDiCT the Occurrence of such natural events with some accuracy, by relating cause & effect, and became more respected, honored and important in his/her society.

This respect, honor and importance in society MUST result in some tangible benefit – That is LAW OF NATURE: Such as the strongest male in any species gets the most / best food, and best & most females. How to get the food and females? If you are so respected, honored and important, you just cannot go around asking people for money or females to fuck you. This cannot be done up front in human society, therefore there has to be some devious Method==Modus-Vivendi==via-media!

ENTER THE DRAGON – or rather ENTER the concept of gwadda / ghoda / gadha / gawd / god whatever! So this respected, honored and important person finds a cave in which he installs an odd colored & odd shaped stone (this is happening in the stone age, 15000 or more years ago) and tells his people: “There is a power which lives in this stone. I can communicate with this power. Indeed this power in this stone tells me when it is going to rain, when it is going to be hot, when cold, when thunder, when lightning etc. If you want your situations to be as YOU desire, pray to this power, bow before Him, give him gifts etc. etc. to make Him happy, and he will make you happy. This power was given the name: God, and that is how god was created by man!

However, even in the STONE AGE there was not only one, but other clever / smart people also, who adopted the same strategy and created their own (other) Gods in different caves & places.


Time passed, and different people and different societies started worshipping different particular SHAPEs & SiZEs of STONEs in different places and gave them different names. Each society tried to show that their GOD was the MOST POWERFUL, or the only TRUE god. Naturally conflicts arose, resulting in fighting and wars.

So these CLEVER agents (Bhaduvas=Agent0s) of gwadda / ghoda / gadha or whatever, got together (Corporatization) and created a common particular god, common particular book, common particular system, common particular clergy and other particular etceteras, and created a particular PLATFORM. They designated particular geography and history where gods were supposed to have walked, spoken, lived and fucked!

This is the basis of RELiGiON !

A prostitute (=whore=female) gets business thru a male Agent0, who in Hindi called BHADUVA. Since Munny & Offerings are made to gwadda / ghoda / gadha or whatever(=god makes munny) due to the efforts of the Agent0s, it is apt to call the agent0s of gwadda / ghoda / gadha or whatever, as BHADUVA! Indeed, that is what I call them.

Please post your responses / comments / arguments / data etc.



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