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11:19 AM (20 minutes ago)



to KatariaN





Narain Kataria

(718) 478-5735





I demand for four reasons that the now retired Professor Amartya Sen be sacked from the Chancellor’s post in the newly set up Nalanda University.

1)      Sen though paid an annual salary of Rs.50 lakhs (in US $ tax free) is normally resident in USA, and comes to India briefly in the winter months free of charge First Class on Air India.  His total emoluments is far in excess of the service he provides.

2)      The CAG Report on the expenses incurred for building construction of the University and perquisites of Prof. Sen and others for administering the University and the delay in meeting easy targets for construction, is full of irregularities and is, prima facie, of corruption.

3)      The former President of India, Dr.Abdul Kalaam resigned from the post of Visitor of the University in 2011 in disgust, objecting to Sen’s arbitrariness and malafide actions.  

4)      The nodal Ministry of External Affairs for the University, objected in writing to Sen’s arbitrarily and opaque manner of appointing as Vice Chancellor Ms.Gopa Sabharwal, an Assistant Professor. i.e., a junior lady faculty member, from JNU.  Full Professors refused to join under a much junior-faculty member as Vice Chancellor.

The CAG in its Report had also objected to the appointment and the salary fixed for her.

5)      In 2013-14, the Ministry of Finance also objected to the irregular way Sen was operating the large Special Dispensation Fund of the University.  There was no transparency or accountability of the use of these funds

6)      So far about Rs.3000 crores of tax payers money has been recklessly spent by Prof.Sen, for which he has to be made accountable.


Hence I demand that the Government prosecute Prof. Sen and his chosen few under the Prevention of Corruption Act, and under IPC Sections 120B, 406 and 420 or face a PIL from me.




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Was NATHURAM GODSE a PATRiOT? http://dilipbam.com/facts/310-was-nathuram-godse-a-patriot.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/310-was-nathuram-godse-a-patriot.html

Was Nathuram Godse a Patriot?

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj called Godse a patriot in parliament, and there was, and still is, much hoo-ha!

Patriotism is a point of view. To us Indians, Bhagat Singh was a patriot. To the then rulers of this country – the British – he was a terrorist. So was Chandra Shekar Azad. To Akbar, Rana Pratap was a terrorist. To Aurangzeb, Shivaji was a terrorist.

We have been hyped into believing that Gandhi baba is the father of the nation. Gandhi baba was the next door neighbor of my great grandfather’s house in Rajkot, Gujarat, on a lane still known as Dr. Bam Lane.

Few months ago (June.2014), I asked a question to a hall full of 372 MBA students in Pune:


Only 18 (out of 372) raised their hands – that is less than 5%!

I was not surprised. I ask this question to my students every year and the results have been the same over the years. These were students of age group 20-23 in the top MBA kolej in Pune.

I teach in many MBA colleges in Pune including Symbiosis. I was also visiting professor in BITS Pilani for ten years. Every year I teach about 1500 students, mostly in Pune . I have been teaching since 1988 and my student base today would be @ 30,000 spread all over the world.

I asked about Sakshi Maharaj’s comment on Nathuram Godse on facebook.

You can see the responses at


and also at


Then I asked on facebook, (where I have 36000 friends & followers):

According to you Who is father of the Nation (India)?
<1>Chanakya/Kautilya===330 BCE==2344 years ago.
<2>Chandragupta Maurya--326 BCE=2340 years ago.
>Emperor Ashoka--250 BCE=2264 years ago.
<4>Akbar Badshah--1600 AD==414 years ago
<5>Gandhi Baba--1948=66 years ago.
<6>Sardar Patel--1950==64 years ago.
<7>Any other? Give name.

The responses are at https://www.facebook.com/dilip.bam.9/posts/10204601763338578?comment_id=10204601886501657&notif_t=like

Nathuram Godse had no personal enmity with Gandhi baba. Godse’s Logic and thought process show that he was a very brilliant analyst. You can read Nathuram Godse’s own statement during the trial at


Now decide for yourself whether Nathuram Godse was a patriot.

Q.E.D. -= Quod Erat Demnostrandum !

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China President Visits India http://dilipbam.com/facts/304-china-president-visits-india.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/304-china-president-visits-india.html

China president Xi Jin Ping is coming to India. NaMo will receive him and take him to Gujarat. Agenda for talks:


IMPORTANT: China has ALWAYs been Ruled by the Genetically HAAN race people. Mr. Xi Jin Ping is HAAN.

The first Chinese Emperor, 2220 years ago, named ShihuangDi founded the CHiN dynasty and was genetically of the HAAN race. From CHiN comes the name CHiNA. He started building the Great Wall of China in 206 BCE, which is just 26 years after 0ur own Hindu-Buddhist Emperor Ashoka died in 232 BCE. It means Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism in China BEFORE ShihuangDi, which is before the beginning of the Great Wall of China. ALL rulers of China, all Emperors of China, of all dynasties have ALWAYs been genetically HAAN race people. The Last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi was also Han. He was overthrown by Dr. Sun Yat Sen, also HAAN, in 1919=less than 100 years ago, which is around the same time as Gandhi baba started anti-British movement in Hindustan. Today China president Mr. Xi Jin Ping is also HAAN. China president before him named JiangZeMin was also HAAN. Ma0zeDong was also Han. Liu Sha0 Chi was also HAAN. DengXia0Ping was also HAAN. Chou En Lai was also HAAN. China believes in Rule by Genetic Majority. It is obvious that in China, genetics hardware=HAAN , is more important than belief=software=religion.

<1>China is Rich—Very Rich! China is Richer than America. China is Richer than Japan. China has lot of money. Today China is the richest country in the world. We want China to invest here in India. China will invest in India if they can get suitable return on their investment. It is pure dhandha!

<2>China has long ago (more than 50 years ago) taken over and occupied Aksai Chin area, an area of about 32000 square km which is the North-East corner of J&K. Aksai Chin is a high plateau averaging about 17000 feet. This area was probably occupied by General Zorawar Singh of the J&K Maharaja around 200-300 years ago. Apparently very few people lived there. It is quite an inhospitable place.

China occupied this area about 55 years ago. This area is exactly North-East of the HinduKush mountains and China built a road thru Aksai Chin connecting Tibet with Xinjiang province. Photos of this road and wayside resting/eating places are there on Google Earth. Thus this area is of extreme importance to China and will not give it up.

REVOLUTiONARY IDEA: Why not SELL this place to China and get money for it? Selling land is not a new idea. An example is ALASKA, America’s largest state by land area=5,86,000 square miles=almost half as big as the whole of India. Alaska was bought by USA from Russia in 1867 by paying US$ 72 Lakh. Alaska is very mountainous, near to the north pole, very cold, and very thinly populated—same like Aksai Chin.

Even though Aksai Chin is today under Chinese occupation, we can still ask Mr. Xi Jin Ping for money. Alaska was bought 150 years ago. Today land prices have gone up more than thousand times. We can get good money for it. China will mostly agree because it will make its claim to Aksai Chin legitimate.

The least we can do is try this method.

Even today (16.Sept.2014) Chinese soldiers have advanced further into Indian territory in eastern Ladakh places like Sumdurong Chu, Demchok, and Chumur and put up tents.

We need to jointly demarcate the boundary between the two countries and fit marker pillars.

<3>India had a border war with China in October 1962 which India lost badly. China in 1962 had occupied most of Arunachal Pradesh, but for unknown reasons withdraw and went back and Arunachal is back in India. I have been to Arunachal including Se La, Bom Di La and Tawang (very cold where there is snow even in mid-May (peak of summer), which were taken over by China in 1962 (but they went back). Everybody in all these places speak fluent Hindi. The second largest Buddhist Monastery (after Lhasa) is in Tawang.

<4>Traditionally China Religion is Ta0-ist-Buddhist, which is almost the same as Hinduism. Hanuman is Chinese monkey god (same like us) and is called Soon Mu Khong in Chinese. Chinese religion also have female goddess like us (no other religion has female gods). Chinese goddess or mercy is Kwan Yein.

But it is not sure whether Mr. Xi Jin Ping believes in god or religion and whether Mr. Xi Jin Ping prays or not, because 0fficially China govt. does not believe in god and religion. Therefore it is not sure if Mr. Xi Jin Ping will pray in Buddhist temple in Gujarat like NaMo did with Japan PM Shinzo Abe in Kyoto, Japan last week.

<5>Buddhism was introduced into China by our Emperor Ashoka more than 2200 years ago, which is before China’s first emperor CHiN ShiHuangDi started building the Great Wall of China in 206 BCE. Thus India has very strong ancient religious commonality with China. Can NaMo capitalize on this?

<6>In China all Kristo Padrees and eslimeyick mullahs are appointed ONLY by govt. after much background checking & clearance by govt. China does NOT recognize Pope. China does not recognize any prophet. Religion is simply tolerated, it is NOT encouraged.

<7>China is also suffering from eslimeyick terrorism. They have a large province named Xinjiang populated by Uighur Muslims, who are genetically NOT of Haan race, which Xi Jin Ping is. Land area of Xinjiang is exactly half of India but is mostly thinly populated desert including the Takla Makan.

<8>Recently two months ago China banned Ramzan. It also banned many Islamic symbols.

<9>This probably happened due to the Islamic terrorist attacks in Kunming Railway station (which is in the heartland of HAAN China) many months ago, as well as other Islamic problems in Urumqi, Kashghar and other Islamic places in China. About three hundred people are reported to have been killed in these places.

<10>China’s eslimeyick Xinjiang province has border with Pakistan (POK) and it is suspected that Paki- eslimeyicks could be giving them aid, arms and ammunition.

NaMo can capitalize on this common problem?

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o8.June.2014.Dealing with China http://dilipbam.com/facts/302-o8-june-2014-dealing-with-china.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/302-o8-june-2014-dealing-with-china.html

Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi is coming to India tomorrow=8.June.2014. What should our foreign Minister talk with him?

Firstly look at what the GROUND POSiTiON is TODAY in J&K.



As you can see, this is our border with China. Shaksgam Valley at the top, and Aksai Chin on the right, are already today (in 2014), physically under China. As you can see in the map above, there is a road connecting Tibet (which the Chinese call Xizang) in the south, to Yarkand in eslimeyick Xinjiang province in the north. The Chinese took over Aksai Chin in the 1962 war which we lost. Aksai Chin was part of ancient J&K which was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh’s ancestors.

In Arunachal which is 1600km east of J&K, also called the eastern sector of our border with China, China had already taken over almost the whole of Arunachal in the 1962 war within a month, but for some unknown to us reason, withdrew back from Arunachal on their own.

I know all this because my father was drafted to fight in this war.

What is out biggest concern?

China is planning to build a huge dam on the Bramhaputra river in Tibet (Bramhaputra river flows East to West in Tibet, turns southwards & flows into India. Bramhaputra is called TsangPo in TibetChina) about 300 or more km due north of Dambuk in the Assam.

How will it affect Assam? Today Assam is a water surplus state and the Bramhaputra (as also Ganga) flow into Bangladesh=B’desh and finally into the Bay of Bengal.

If it reduces the quantity of water flowing into India, obviously the quantity of water flowing into B’desh will also reduce.

I do not know how much % of the water in the Bramhaputra comes from TibetChina and how much % from rain within Arunachal and Assam. But if it is substantial and going to affect us, we have to do something!

How will this Dam affect us?

What should we do?

We strike a bargain with Mr. Wang Yi.

First China should acknowledge that Aksai Chin belongs to us. We know they need it because their Tibet – Xinjiang highway passes thru it. We also know that today we do not have the physical or military strength to take it back. China also knows this.

We say: OK, you have Aksai Chin with you. We will officially (by treaty) LEASE it to you for 99 years, provided:

<1>CHiNA WiLL NOT BUILD A DAM ON THE BRAMHAPUTRA (=TsangPo in Tibet) for 99 years.


Here is some additional information:

Ancient Similarities between India and China

1>>The Chin Emperor named Chin Shi Huang Di first started to Unite China and began to build the Great Wall of China around 206 BC. Please note that the Great Wall defined?/defines? the NORTHERN border of ORiGiNAL China. Yet today China extends much further NORTH than the Great Wall. Provinces like Manchuria & Inner Mongolia are NORTH of the Great Wall which are TODAY very much part of China.

1>>Emperor Ashoka who united India and created the Ashok Chakra with the four Lions that is our national symbol TODAY, ruled from 269—232 BC, which is 232—206=26 years before Shi Huang Di.

2>>The Buddha and Confucius are contemporary (which means both Lived at the same time) between 550 BC and 450 BC, which is about 300 years before Ashoka.

3>>In modern times, in the 20th century Dr. Sun Yat Sen started the Chinese revolution against the Emperor Pu Yi around the same time that Gandhi baba started revolution against the British in Hindustan.

4>>Gandhi baba had two main followers: Nehru & Sardar Patel. Sun Yat Sen also had two main followers: Mao Ze Dong & Chiang Kai Shek.

5>>In 1949, Mao Ze Dong won the ideological war, banished Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan and Mao Ze Dong became de-facto ruler of China. In 1950 Sardar Patel died and Nehru became de-facto ruler of India.

6>>Nehru died on 27.May.1964=50 years ago – apparently from SHOCK because of our defeat by China. I remember on that day I had gone to watch a 3–6 movie in Moti Theater in Old Delhi. It was Sanjeev Kumar’s first movie and the heroine was L.VijayaLaxmi. The tagline of the movie was: WHO WAS THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK? I don’t remember the name of the movie.

6>>Mao died in 1976. India fought a serious fierce war with China, when China invaded Arunachal (then NEFA) and almost reached Guwahati. In that war India was totally defeated by China.

7>>Nehru was succeeded briefly by Lal Bahadur Shastri and then Indira Gandhi ruled for long time. Mao was succeeded briefly by Liu Shao Chi and then Deng Xiao Ping ruled for long time and brought in reforms in the early eighties.

7>>Neither Indira nor Rajiv brought in much economic reform, but P.V.Narsimha Rao brought in economic reforms in the early nineties, ten years after China.

8>>Around the same time Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism to China, Chinese also practiced Ta0ism which is the same as Hindusim (they still do, just like us). The Hindu monkey God Hanuman (Bajrang Bali) is the same as Chinese monkey God Soon Mo Khong.

9>>The most ancient Chinese treatise, “THE ART OF WAR” was written by Sun Tzu 225 years before Chanakya wrote “ARTHASHASTRA”.

10>>india and China, both are buying used, reconditioned Aircraft Carrier ship from Russia around the same time.

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Religion: Windows or Linux? http://dilipbam.com/facts/301-religion-windows-or-linux.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/301-religion-windows-or-linux.html

All SEMiTiC Religions have:

<1>Single PROPHET who is the only person who knows

<2>SOURCE CODE (=a vague connect to a vague idea called gawd=gwad=gwadda=ghoda>khacchar<gadha= =O0o0Opar walay ke mobile ka code type cheeZe.

<3>A specific OPERATiNG MANUAL.


<5>0perating in a SPECiFiED L0KATiON.

<6>ORiGiNates from a specific Geographical Location.


<1>JUDAiSM is the 0ldest of these, of which the

PROPHET who knows the






Rabbi who operates in a

specified location called


ORiGiNATEs from

Jerusalem – a

Specific geographical location.


<2>CHRiSTiANiTY comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the

source code was/is

El Kristo




PRiEST who operates in a

specified location called


ORiGiNATEs from

Jerusalem – a

Specific geographical location.


<3>ISLAM comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the






Mullah who operates in a

Specified location called


0RiGiNATEs from

Mecca – a

Specific geographical location.

<4>WiNDOWs religion comes next, of which

PROPHET who knows the


Bill Gates.


WiND0Ws manual


MS DOS which operates in

Trillions of locations worldwide.

0RiGiNATEs from

Redmond, Washington state, USA – a

Specific geographical location.


The following analogy will explain that RELiGiON is SOFTWARE concept:

99% of humans are today using WiNDOWs, which is SOFTWARE. And as per above, it exactly satisfies the four conditions of Semitic religion.

All Semitic religions begin by believing something which is physically and scientifically impossible to prove, one way or another.

Once you begin by believing the impossible, everything that follows from it becomes believable which is a SUBJECTiVE CERTAiNTY!

Since all religions are based on BELiEViNG the impossible, that is the flaw. Let us call this flaw a ViRUs.

Now let us look at Windows. Everybody knows that Virus is very common in Windows and there are hundreds of companies making money by selling Anti-Virus.

 Is there any alternative?

Yes there is: the alternative is LiNUX which is an OPEN SOURCE CODE known to all. Everybody knows it. There is no single prophet in this system. There is no monopoly.

Sure, Linux was invented by Linus Torvalds, but he did not monopolize it. Also, in LiNUX, there is no virus because it is as per Law of Nature and in Law of Nature there cannot be any virus.

If this is so, why is Windows more popular than Linux?

Because Microsoft, the creator of Windows has a vast PAiD network of Operating Systems (Rabbi / Padre / Mullah=ALL PAID MONEY== System Analyst / Programmer / Code writer / Channel Partner etc. ALL PAID MONEY) who produce “CUT & DRiED, simply followed, push button software programs” which need no intelligence because they are to be followed blindly (just push button); since logic has been replaced by a "SUBJECTiVE CERTAiNTY" thru BRAiNWASHiNG, by people of superior intelligence, the first being THE BUDDHA, more than 2500 years ago. The Buddha said: "He who raises a child has a greater influence on the child than its genetic father."! This was proved scientifically by KONRAD LORENZ who proved that the Genetic Program stops at the moment of birth (He got Nobel Prize for it in 1973). The last genetic directive is: "Primary awareness thru any of the five physical senses=sight, sound, smell, taste & touch, which seems/appears to be the safest next move for continued survival and existence." The genetic program ends there and the external environment takes over.

All living creatures, including man, are born as per The GENETiC CODE which for humans: contains 23 X chromosomes and 23 Y chromosomes.

While the Genetic Code is a natural EMBEDDED system which comes from our progenitors (=father + mother + ancestors), Religion is a human created externally implanted software which is implanted by the implanter into the implantee after birth, for his own objective (which must necessarily be SELFiSH since it comes from within=own=self) and hence is NOT Law of Nature, since it is not, and cannot be, universal for the whole species, since the survival directive for each individual creature could be different due to different external conditions.

The externally implanted software [religion] controls the thought, behavior and actions of the hardware=human body. The fact that externally (after birth) implanted religion is the controlling software was first recognized by The Buddha 2500 years ago, and was proved by Konrad Lorenz who got the NOBEL PRiZE for it in 1973.

It was the Buddha who first said, “He who NURTUREs a life, has greater control on that life than he who PRODUCEs it”. The producer being the physical progenitor – that is mother & father. If for any reason the Nurturer (one who raises the child/creature) is NOT the producer (father/mother) – which is quite common among humans – then the child/creature will believe/behave as per the beliefs implanted by the Nurturer.

This was experimentally proved by Konrad Lorenz, for which he got the NOBEL PRiZE in 1973. I have used the word “child / creature”, because this is applicable equally to humans as well as animals. Indeed Konrad Lorenz experiment was with birds=geese, which are creatures – not human – and he NURTURED a large group of newly hatched geese into believing/behaving like humans by living with them for a period. When real female goose (who actually laid the eggs from which these geese were hatched) was brought into the enclosure, the baby geese followed Lorenz as if Lorenz is the mother, totally ignoring the actual goose which was the actual physical progenitor/mother.

The EMBEDDED system in the geese was the genetic code of geese, which ended at the moment of birth & got over-written by the EXTERNALLY (after birth) IMPLANTED software (the baby geese thinking they are human) as proved by Konrad Lorenz.

RELiGi0N therefore is an EXTERNALLY IMPLANTED software) AFTER BiRTH, and the child/creature believes/behaves as per this EXTERNALLY IMPLANTED system (=software).
Today SOFTWARE rules our life. 98% of the world uses WiNDOWs and only 2% use LiNUX!

The source code of WiNDOWs is OWNED by Bill Gates, it is his monopoly, just like the source code (WiNDOW to god?) is owned by prophets of Semitic religions.
Hinduism is LiNUX, an open & free source code, nobody’s monopoly. Every user of LiNUX has to write his own program. Hinduism has no prophets dropping out of the sky who have exclusive ownership of the source code. Hinduism is LAW OF NATURE. Hinduism is what was proved by Charles Darwin – Survival. Hinduism is Sigmund Freud – as proved by the Khajuraho temples.
The PRiMAL FEAR in every creature is the fear of death. It has nothing to do with religion. Animals have no religion that we humans know of. Yet all animals fear death as much as we humans do. Do animals have a concept of god? We do not know.
In ancient days when we did not have scientific knowledge, whenever cataclysmic events happened (Thunder / Cyclone / Earthquake / Flood / Tsunami / Volcano) we humans thought it was being caused by some unknown power. Some smart people (prophets?) said it was a specific entity (god?), gave it a name and a ready-made system to appease this specific entity. This system became religion.
The so called educated / intellectual / (intelligent?) Hindus, who were beaten by Ghazni / Ghori etc. and later by Robert Clive, suffer from an inferiority complex due to the 0pen source code of Hinduism, which if it be considered a religion, has no single prophet, no single god (Hinduism has 330 million gods), no single symbol, no systemic compulsion, no single book.
It is simply Law of Nature. Because the Semites conquered and ruled them for a thousand years, this dis-similarity between Semitic – Widows and embedded Hindu – Linux is what rankles them.

Semitic, prophet based religions are Windows Religions, whose prophet is Bill Gates who SELLs you a “cut-and-dried” package. All you have to do is “CLiCK”, and prest0>>there is the package that does the job! Hinduism is LiNUX. There is No ready-made package. You have to write your own program and create your own “package”. And everybody knows who is making more money: Bill Gates! NOT Prof. Linus Torvalds !

It is easier to believe something that is impossible, because whatever is actually possible has proof which can be followed logically. To understand and follow the logic needs some mental effort, some knowledge & some intelligence. Hinduism is pure Law of Nature as proved by Charles Darwin. But people are uneducated and lazy to make the effort. So they find it convenient to believe the impossible. All ORGANiZED Religions BEGiN by believing the IMPOSSiBLE! Once you begin by believing what is impossible, everything becomes believable.

0rganized religion is pure politics!

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Inviting Sri Lankan President Rajapakse http://dilipbam.com/facts/300-inviting-sri-lankan-president-rajapakse.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/300-inviting-sri-lankan-president-rajapakse.html


Most Tamil politicos are opposing NaMo’s invitation to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for the Swearing ceremony tomor0 Monday.26.May. The obvious reason being the Tamils in Jaffna and other northern parts of Sri Lanka. Before commenting on the subject, here are some facts.

From British times, Sri Lanka + Burma + India were a single Colony with a common single Gora (White) Governor General / Viceroy. Burma & Sri Lanka were separated from India and became separate colonies (directly & separately under London) from 1937 onwards.

THERE IS NO GENETiC DiViDE    between us. The Indigenous Sri Lankan people are nothing but Indians from all over India (but majorly Bihari) who settled in Sri Lanka island from Emperor Ashoka’s time @ 250 BCE onwards (2264 years ago).

Even Ravana, Sri Lankan King at the time of Sri Ram married Mandodri who was from Mandsaur in current Madhya Pradesh. Anthropological research so far has not revealed presence of any aboriginal humans in Sri Lanka. The aborigines from Andaman & Nicobar never reached Sri Lanka island. Sri Lanka never had any native humans. All who ever lived there and live today, are genetically descendants of immigrants from the mainland—Tamils included. So GENETiCALLY, the NATiVE Sri LANKANs ARE THE SAME AS US! Genetically they are as Indian as you and me!


If the majority of native Sri Lankans are Buddhist, where is the problem? The Buddha was born Hindu, Lived Hindu and died Hindu. Did Buddha renounce Hinduism? No! Never! Classical Hiduism even regards Buddha as the NiNTH AVATAR of ViSHNU. I last month visited the ANGKOR WAT Hindu temple at Siem Reap in Cambodia. Built more than thousand years ago, it is the largest Hindu Temple in the world and also the largest religious structure of any Religion anywhere in the world. It has Vishnu, Shankar and Buddha in the same temple! If the Cambodians [who are Buddhist/Hindu] have no problem for thousand years with worshiping Vishnu & Buddha in the same temple, why should we? I see no conflict. Therefore RELiGiON-WiSE, WE ARE THE SAME.  Quantified Difference is ZERO!

The divide is purely, singly, solely, and only: LiNGUiSTiC! There are absolutely no other differences. Genetically each and every inhabitant is a GENETiC DESCENDANT of someone from the mainland=Hindustan. Some came 2000 years ago, some came 200 years ago. What’s the problem? If Tamilians can live happily, side by side with the people of 24 different states speaking 24 different languages and writing in 24 different scripts which cannot be understood by each other, then how much difference one more language/script makes? The quantified difference is 1/24 which is just about 4%. Is 4% more important than 96%? WHAT is this 96%?

The 96% is Trade, Economy, Development. What else do we want? NaMo will make friends with Rajapakse and together we will progress!

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How to Develop North-East? http://dilipbam.com/facts/298-how-to-develop-north-east.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/298-how-to-develop-north-east.html

Neiphiu Rio

What does Neiphu Rio==ex Chief Minister of Nagaland see in NaMo? My take on Neiphiu Rio:

I live in Pune, Maharashtra. I have talked to many educated people (post graduate) and asked them questions like: Should we give statehood to BodoLand? Should we give statehood to North Bengal (Darjeeling area)? Even these post graduate people had no idea of the demographics / geography / history / politics of Assam. It is VERY FAR AWAY from Pune, even for post graduate educated people.

There are many demands, YET the Bodo demand is KritiKal. First and foremost Bodo are Hindu. They are being overrun by illegal eslimeicks from B’desh=BD. The local govt. is believed to be complicit in this.

Geography of the area gives the impression that this is done by a systematically organized process. KOKRAJHAR which is part of BodoLand and appears to be the centre of the trouble is NORTH OF THE BRAHMAPUTRA. I have been there and crossing this mighty river is not easy. There is no border between B’desh and Assam in this region. If the BD illegals want to reach BodoLand, they have to cross the entire Meghalaya from south to north, which is 140 km by straight line (but by transport will be much more) then cross the Brahmaputra and enter BodoLand.

Do you think such STRANGERs will be able to make this journey and kill Bodos and occupy their land without local support? I doubt!

I have very close relations with the NorthEast. I am 67 years old. I have lived in Assam (Pandu/Guwahati) 1950—1953. I went to school in Guwahati. I have widely travelled NE and visited all seven sisters (except Sikkim) between 2003—2005. I have an adopted son named Gaijinlung Kamei Angami (who was my student in Sri Balaji Society’s IIMM college 2001—2003). He is from the JE-LiANG-RONG Tribal group of Nagas, in which JE stands for JEi-mei Tribe, LiANG stands for the LiANG-mei Tribe and RONG stands for the RONG-mei tribe. My Naga son’s short name is Jin. Currently he is with ICICI bank in Imphal, Manipur and we are in regular touch.

I think Neiphiu Rio should definitely join the Delhi Cabinet. Maybe create some dept. of N. E. Development and appoint Neiphiu Rio as MOS to guide. I think this is the best bet for focusing on the North East and Neiphiu Rio understands this. I hope NaMo looks at this.

That is why Neiphiu Rio is moving to Delhi.

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How to Corporatize corruption http://dilipbam.com/facts/286-how-to-corporatize-corruption.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/286-how-to-corporatize-corruption.html

How to Corporatize corruption:

37 Years ago when I lived in Mumbai, I had to travel every day by local train from Andheri to Churchgate. I used to travel on a Railway Pass, which was available and cost less than a daily ticket.

0ne day while I was in the train, a T.T.E. (=Traveling Ticket Examiner) came into my compartment and started checking tickets. I took out my PASS and showed him. He moved to the next man who showed him a card which was different in color and size from my PASS. The T.T.E. saw it and moved on.

I then asked this man how come he had a smaller RED pass of different size than my PASS which was yellow and bigger in size?

He told me this was his BTTA membership card.

“eh? BTTA? What’s that?” I asked.


I was highly surprised. He then explained that membership of BTTA cost exactly HALF of whatever the Railway charges for a monthly pass. So everybody saves money. He explained the benefits. He told me that BTTA offered exactly the same schemes to anyone/everyone at half the official price. At that price BTTA at that time had six lakh members. Each member paid at least Rs.20/-per month for a service that officially cost Rs.40/-. So a BTTA member would save Rs.20/- every month. At that time petrol was ONE RUPEE per liter. Today petrol is Rs.80/- per liter. So Rs.20/- at that time was worth Rs.1600/- today, which is a lot of money.

So Rs.20/- paid by 6,00,000 (six lakh) members= =Rs.1,20,00000/- (=1.2 crore) every month.

Out of this Rs.1.2 crores, 0ne crore per month was paid as KiCKBACK to the T.T.E. Union of the Railway, which was distributed between the few hundred T.T.E.s on duty during that month.

BTTA made a TAX FREE profit of 20 lakhs every month which is equal to 16 crores at today prices.

WABi………..! What A Brilliant idea !

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Mutiny on The Bounty http://dilipbam.com/facts/261-mutiny-on-the-bounty.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/261-mutiny-on-the-bounty.html

As per facts of recorded history, in 1787-88, which is 225 years ago, the British sailing Ship HMS BOUNTY was ordered by the King of England – George III, to go to the South Seas (=South Pacific 0cean) to get BREADFRUIT. Breadfruit is a juicy Citric/ Citrus fruit (98.7% water) like Santra, Mosambi, Neembu, Narangi etc. which grows naturally in the South Pacific Ocean islands like Tahiti & Samoa. The ship Bounty sailed out from England in December 1787, commanded by Captain William Bligh.


The ship reached Tahiti many months later. They got Breadfruit plants, but they had to wait on Tahiti for many months till the Breadfruit plants matured enough to transport. In this period of many months, the crew of the ship BOUNTY, started living on Tahiti and cohabited with the women there. They probably didn’t want to leave Tahiti. Yet, as per his duty, Capt. Bligh HAD to get back and deliver the Breadfruit to the King of England.


So on April 4, 1789, the Bounty departed Tahiti, much to the displeasure of many of the crew. On the night of April 28, Fletcher Christian and 18 of the crew Mutinied (=Revolted). They surprised and bound (=tied) Captain Bligh in his cabin. Dragging him on deck, Christian bloodlessly (nobody was killed) took control of the ship despite the fact that the most of the crew (22) sided with the captain. Bligh and 18 loyalists were forced over the side into Bounty's cutter (=a large lifeboat) and given a sextant (location calculating instrument), four cutlasses (=swords), and several days’ food and water. Capt. Bligh was a Master Sailor. He fitted a sail on the lifeboat and sailed 6000 km from Tahiti to Timor (in Indonesia today), and made his way back to England and continued his career and became a Vice Admiral in the British Navy.


The Mutineers could NEVER go back to England, because they would be hanged for Mutiny. That was the Law at that time. So they drifted around the islands in the South Pacific 0cean for a few months, during which some settled in some scattered islands here and there, while some continued sailing on the BOUNTY.

The BOUNTY finally landed at Pitcairn Island (1300 acres=2 square miles) and all the people settled there.


Today, a directed descendant of Fletcher Christian, named Andrew Christian lives on Pitcairn. He has internet and you can contact him thru Google Earth.


Would you like to go and meet him and see how people live forever on such small islands in the middle of nowhere?

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What is your blood group? http://dilipbam.com/facts/257-what-is-your-blood-group.html http://dilipbam.com/facts/257-what-is-your-blood-group.html

What is your Blood Group?

Some would have B+ (positive), Some would have A-- (negative), and others would have many other blood groups like A,B,C,D, O etc. etc. Yet each would be either + or . What is + or ? What is the meaning of + positive and negative? Or more exactly Rh+ or Rh?

The + & is based on our ancestors breeding (=copulating) with RHESUS monkeys, which still exist and live on Earth today! The Rh comes from Rhesus.

There is a theory (belief?) that Humans did not evolve from monkeys. That Human intelligence comes from Aliens who landed on earth very long ago==may be a lakh years ago or 10 lakh years ago or…whenever!

When these Aliens landed on Earth, they did not find Earth suitable for long term settling down. Yet they HAD to follow the Prime Directive which all species (you/me/my father/your father/every creature/) HAS to follow, which is: The Species MUST CONTiNUE!

Since species must continue, these Aliens had to MATE with some species on Earth which were genetically compatible.

These Aliens found that Rhesus Monkeys were genetically compatible for reproduction. So they mated with Rhesus Monkeys, and the human race was created.

There is a Law of Nature which is also known as Mendel’s Law of Genetics which states: Every creature inherits the properties (=genes) of both its parents (=father & mother), but the DOMiNANT gene in each creature is on ONE OF ITS FOUR GRANDPARENTs!

So every human, has some genetic commonality with the Rhesus Monkeys of Earth and also with the Aliens who mated with Rhesus monkeys many lakh years ago.

After much mating and producing many humans, the Aliens left Earth and went away. So there is no way we can get any blood samples of our Alien ancestors, but we can, (and still do) get blood samples of Rhesus Monkeys.

As medical science progressed and blood transfusion was invented, it was discovered that there are many different blood types in humans, such as A / B / C / D / O etc., and each is either Rh+ or Rh.

Those humans whose blood has MORE commonality with Rhesus Monkey Blood have blood which is Rh+ and those humans whose blood has less commonality with Rhesus Monkey have blood which is Rh.

This law was discovered by Gregor Johann Mendel @ 1870, that is 150 years ago. His Law states: Every creature has two parents=Mother & Father. Same creature has TWO pairs of grandparents==0ne pair from mother’s side and 0ne pair from father’s side. And he stated Mendel’s Law==The Law of the DOMiNANT GENE! Which is==Every creature inherits the genes and traits of mother and father equally. Yet the DOMiNANT gene is of ONE of the FOUR grandparents.

The four grandparents are: Mother’s mother & mother’s father, AND Father’s mother and Father’s Father! And each creature’s dominant gene will be of ONE of the FOUR grandparents.

This is genetic LAW of Nature which applies to everything in the Universe.

I have myself seen, observed, studied, and analyzed this LAW, which exists in my own family and my own children.

My wife’s mother (=my mother in Law=my children’s maternal grandmother as per Mendel’s Law) is of a Mongoloid race= =Indonesian from Palembang in Sumatra, Indonesia.

My Wife’s father (my father in Law=my children’s maternal grandfather as per Mendel’s Law) is mixed breed. His father (=my children’s great grandfather) was Semitic Arab, while his wife (=my children’s maternal GREAT grandmother as per Mendel’s Law) was CHiNESE.

And as per Mendel’s Law, my son’s Dominant Gene is from his Indonesian Grandmother (It can be seen in his face) and my daughter’s Dominant Gene is from her Indian grandmother (=my mother)=I can see it in her face!

dilipbam@gmail.com (Dilip Bam) Facts Mon, 06 May 2013 04:03:12 +0000