KTM Duke 390

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KTM Duke 390 is a SHORT STROKE engine, with an 89mm bore and 60mm stroke, and the actual cc of the engine is 373.2cc. The STROKE/BORE Ratio is 60/89=0.674, which is much less than 1, which is NOT GOOD for Low End Torque (=not city traffic friendly).

Reportedly Producing @ 32kw=43.5ps=43bhp of POWER at 9000-9500rpm and Torque of 35Nm at 7000/7250rpm, the bike gives a Reported mileage of @22kmpL. Compression Ratio (CR) is mentioned as 12.5 by some site. KTM bikes usually have high CR.

Having SiX gears, the top speed is believed to be 100 miles per hour=160kmpH.

This bike comes with ABS=Antilock Braking System which is quite effective because both front and rear wheels have disc brakes.

On a wheelbase of ~ 1375mm, the bike rides on 17inch Low Profile tires both front and rear: Front being 110/70 and rear being 150/60. Having disc brakes both front and rear and a fuel tank capacity of 11Liters, the bike weight without fuel (empty tank?) is 139kg.

With twin-fork USD suspension front and monoshock rear, the bike claims 150mm suspension travel both front and rear, which is a TALL claim. So it should give quite a cushy ride in spite of both front and rear Low Profile tires.

At a max rpm of 9500 and a CR of 12.5, the Engine Life Factor=ELF of this bike is 0.84. Compare this with Bullet500 which has the highest ELF==2.307, among all bikes in the hole of this country. So mathematically, this bike will have short life, say about 35% of Bullet500, which means if Bullet lasts for 20 years, this bike will last only 7 years.

Costing over two lakhs, this bike is meant for speed maniacs, which doesn’t matter because you will not remain a speed maniac for 7 years and will probably sell it off in 2/3 years and go for Hero Splendor or Bullet.

Photos are available on the net.

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