Bun Burner on Hero Splendor Pro

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Devjeet Saha with Hero Splendor Pro 2

Devjeet Saha: Bike Trek or Star Trek?

 Dilip Bam is an addict of the TV Serial Star Trek, featuring

James T. Kirk as Captain of the Starship USS Enterprise. His mission:HH To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, TO GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!

There are many men who have GONE WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE! One was Columbus=First man from old world to go to America in 1492, that is more than 523 years ago. Another was Sherpa Tenzing Norgay = =First man in the world to climb world’s highest mountain=Mount Everest in 1953. Another is Dilip Bam, First man in the world to ride across the world’s Largest (Three times bigger than whole of India) SAHARA desert in Africa on un-geared scooter Kinetic Honda.

eh? what did Devjeet Saha do? As far as I know, he just rode a Hero Splendor Pro from Pune to Chennai and back. What’s the big deal in that?

It is an IBA specified record!

eh? What’s IBA?

IBA is Iron Butt Associationof America!

Ye kya hai? Ye kaun hai? Ye kya kartay hai?


Iron Butt Associationof America is the Premier Body in USA which specifies standards for motorcycle / 2wheeler speed distance achievements.


What are these?


There are many standards.


The first one is SADDLE SORE, for which the rider has to ride a bike 1000 miles=1610 km in less than 24 hours.


The next level is BUN BURNER, for which the rider has to ride a bike 1500 miles=2415 km in less than 36 hours.


Oh yes, I know. But Devjeet has already done these many times on many bikes long ago. So why the Hoo—Ha now? He has earlier done Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse (150 cc), Hero Passion Xpro (110 cc) and Splendor Pro.


He has also done Bun Burner many years ago on Hero KarizmaR. I was trying (but not succeeding) to follow him in a Tavera, but he was so fast that our four wheeler could not keep up with him. We went thru Jaisalmer and Barmer in Rajasthan, and into Kathiawad in Gujarat and back. Quite a trip it was.


All this is history. Everybody knows it. Devjeet has done both Saddle Sore and Bun Burner before. In fact there are many other people who have also done saddle sore and bun burner before and after Devjeet. So why the hoo ha now?


The hoo ha is because of the bike on which he did it !


eh bike? Does bike matter? Even female Shalaka Zad has done Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse. In fact, Shalaka has done it double seat sitting behind her husband Ajay Zad on 350 cc Bullet. So what’s the hoo ha about Dev?


The bike, my friend – the bike !


What bike?


Hero Splendor Pro – 97.2 cc.


Nobody has ever done Saddle Sore ride ANYWHERE in the WORLD on a bike of engine less than 100 cc.


That’s it !


Arrey? Hero Splendor is the largest selling model in the whole world for last ten years. Lakhs, Millions and Crores of people are riding Splendor. Devjeet also did same. So?


So Devjeet Saha has done what NO MAN HAS DONE BEFORE!


He has done Bun Burner on a less than 100 cc bike, which NO MAN HAS DONE BEFORE!

Devjeet has done heroics on a Hero bike.


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