bike fuel filter cleaning

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To kleen=clean fuel filter, you have to empty the petrol tank totally from both sides. You have to unscrew the fuel kokk=cock and remove it from the tank. There may be fibre washer(s) here so be careful. Best is to buy new fibre washer(s) of correct size because fibre washer is by material nature a "single use" product. Fitted Into the fuel kokk you will find are two hollow metal tubes of different lengths==the longer tube is for regular kokk position and the shorter tube is for kokk position in reserve. You cannot see these tubes because they are INSiDE the tank. Both tubes are covered with fine Jaali=net -- metallic.
Wash the fuel tank from inside with high pressure compressed water. Same way wash fuel kokk. Also clean fuel kokk Jaalis with old tooth brush. After washing, dry the tank inside and fuel kokk with kompressed air. After that keep both tank and kokk in hot sunlight for EiGHT HOURs for all moisture to evaporate. Then fit back as before.

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