Hero Splendor Classic Test

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The first things to strike you when you look at this bike are:

<1>the single seat


<2>the zig-zag shaped handle bar


<3>the butt=rear end


Single seat: This bike has been modeled like a café racer which is a single seater. Personally I don’t like single seaters. I never go to a café alone. Cafés are a meeting place – not some place to sit alone and brood! Cafés are about company, crowd & togetherness! So what’s the point of calling such a bike a café racer? I dunno. I didn’t invent the name. Whoever named it so must have been a very lonely man who used to race to the café and enter it to find company = Enter the Dragon – which he never found and had to return alone=Kwik Lee Like Bruce Lee=Race back=Return of the Dragon! That is why I would call this bike a “Café Race-BACK-errr – GRR !

Zig zag handle: Visually striking, but actually making for a very racy stance which is a highly forward leaning stance. For those who like such a stance, this is a godsend!

The butt, i.e. the rear end reminds me of Pamela Anderson. Even the rear view mirrors on the handlebar, which are round, remind me of Pamela Anderson!

So much for the visually striking differences! What about engine, cycle parts and mechanicals?


To me, the looks are a take on the Bullet Café Racer – the Bullet Continental GT, and like the Bullet café racer – spoke wheels, not alloy wheels and round rear view mirrors. Tires are of course much thinner than Bullet, 2.75 – 18, both front


And rear.


Apart from the obvious differences mentioned above, this bike is the world’s largest selling bike: Splendor!

It has the same double cradle frame – the engine is not a stressed member. The same engine & kicker, the same 30 mm thick front forks and all other accoutrements.


The same heel-toe gear shifter.

The same fuel tank (different graphics) and same dhakkan type fuel tank cap.

It has the same 42.5 cm long rear swing-arm and full chain cover.



Overall, another variant of the Splendor! Same 97.2 cc engine producing 6.15 kw (8.36 ps) of power at 8000 rpm and a torque of 0.82 MKg (8.05 Nm) at 5000 rpm.

Conclusion: This bike brought to life the song “Dance Basanti” from the current film Ungli!

O gori (bike) tera Thumka== handlebar, bada== kinky-kinky type da!

O gori (bike) tera Jhumka==Butt, bada Funky-Funky type da!

O gori (bike) tera Nakhra==Seat, bada Hanky-Panky type da!.


Yet this bike would give more mileage than Splendor because you will be ALONE=single seat!


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