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Bike Workshop Manuals hard copy Available for sale. You cannot get these anywhere else. All manuals have detailed photos.

<1>Kinetic K4—100. The most fuel efficient bike ever made in India. In Kashmir to KanyaKumari ride (4032 km) it gave 93 kmpl. 47 pages.

<2>Yamaha (Escorts Yamaha) YBX 125. 0ver 200 pages.

<3>Kinetic Honda scooter. 0ver 200 pages.

<4>Rajdoot 175 – 2-stroke. The ONLY bike in the world which has only THREE gears. 40 pages.

<5>Pulsar 180 – not DTSi. Single plug. 125 pages.

<6>LML Adreno – 3-valve (2 inlet, 1 exhaust). 100 pages.

<7>Bajaj RTZ – 2-stroke with circuit diagram. 130 pages.

<8>Yamaha RXG 132 cc (Escorts-Yamaha). 150 pages.

<9>LML scooters Service Station Manual of combined NV special + Star +Select 2 + Supremo. 200 pages.

<10>TVS-Suzuki motorcycles=all 2-strokes including AX100, Samurai, Supra, Supra poweUp, Shogun. 200 pages.

<11>Avanti Garelli moped VIP-3. 20 pages.

<12>Kinetic Honda Marvel (NHA100) – 200 pages.

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