Rahul Bam on Hero Impulse

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Being the first Indian scrambler, Hero Impulse is an excellent effort. The best thing about it is its great roadholding and maneuverability. Good for zipping in traffic. Riding posture is comfortable, though the seats are hard and a slightly longer ride gives buttache. Offroad it delivers exactly what it is meant for. Suspension is marvellous, with both the front long-fork and rear monoshock doing commendable work. The first gear seems fairly short and gives great power but otherwise power is only available after 4000 rpm. Gear shifting is a bit clunky when it is done fast with sounds and slightly jerky change. Front brake is excellent but the rear drum leaves much to be desired. Top speed is about 105kph but with a little wind resistance, touching 100kph is a chore. The dashboard is handsome and functional - very to the point. It suits the bike. One of the brake cables runs right across it, which feels odd but I managed to make good use of it for carrying things. Rear indicators are a bit cumbersome as my foot seemed to brush the right rear indicator everytime I got on or off the bike. Styling and lookswise, it looks like what it is - a dirt bike. But I daresay that there is room for much improvement in this area.

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