TVS Jupiter Road Test

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What is Jupiter? Where did the name Jupiter come from?

<1>Jupiter is the name of the largest planet in our solar system.

<2>Jupiter is also the name of the King of Gods as per Roman mythology followed by Julius Caesar (who was murdered in 44-BC==2058 years ago).

<3>More than 600 years before the Roman Julius Caesar, (which is before Pythagoras, Archimedes and Socrates, which is more than 2700 years ago) the Greeks had named the King of their gods as Zeus.

Jupiter and Zeus, are the same person.

King of Our Gods is Indra. Yet as per Indian astronomy we name the largest planet in our solar system as Guru, which has no commonality with Indra, who is basically rain god. So much for Gawds=Gwads=Gods!

What’s that got to do with scooters?

Ah ! Yes ! Scooters ! The Jupiter we are talking about here is the latest Scooter from TVS, and the fact is that this Jupiter scooter is causing quite a few ripples in the market.

Jupiter: as it looks from the front.


For one, it is one of the most affordable scooters in the market. Probably the ONLY scooter(s) which are cheaper than Jupiter are only the other TVS scooters such as the Scooty Pep+ and the Scooty Streak, both having a Low Rev-ving (6500rpm) 87.8cc engine producing 3.68kw = 5PS = 4.936bhp. But then neither Pep+ nor Streak are considered FULL SiZE scooters. Indeed TVS themselves never named or called them scooters. They named it Scooty! TVS created a new genere of two legged = two wheeled – Mobiles=Mobikes, specifically targeted at the Late-Teen Nubiles!


The FULL SIZE classification begins with 100 cc, which JUPITER is – and HOW!

So what makes Jupiter the hot selling scooter which made TVS overtake Bajaj few months ago as the No.3 (after 1>HeroMotoCorp & 2>Honda=HMSI)?

So is this scoooter a Jupe Eater? eh?


Well it has definitely Eated the third place in the Indian 2wheeler pecking 0rder and eats up my helmet as well !

So what does it consist of ? I mean engine and all……?

Engine-wise it is the same 109.7cc engine as the Wego.

8bhp at 7500 it says in the Wego which is exactly equal to 5.88kw, while in the Jupiter it says 5.88kw at 7500 which is exactly=8bhp.

I always take kw as the datum! Why? Because people are still not clear about the difference between PS and BHP.

1bhp is more powerful than 1ps. The conversion rate is

1 ps == 0.98632 bhp.

1kw==1.3599 ps==1.3413bhp.

Having bore x stroke of 53.5mm x 48.8mm, this is one of the most successful & efficient engines produced by TVS – it powers not only WeGo and Jupiter scooters it also powers the new TVS Star City+ (8.4ps=8.28bhp=6.18kw at 7000 rpm & 8.7 Nm Torque at 5000 rpm, at a compression ratio of 9.2) and TVS Max4R (8.28bhp=8.4ps=6.18kw at 7500 rpm & 0.85 Mkg Torque at 5500 rpm) motorcycles.

This is short stroke engine with a stroke/bore rati0 of 48.8/53.5=0.91, which is less than 1, which as per Archimedes Law: (Mechanical Advantage X Velocity Ratio=1) does not favor Low End Torque! But in a gearless scooter such as this, it doesn’t matter! Indeed in gearless scooters the concept of Low End Torque becomes irrelevant because of the CVT transmission!

The Engine Life Factor (ELF) of this engine based on a CR of 9.2 is 1.45 which is pretty good. Compared to this, the ELF of Bullet 500 is 2.307!

My partner Devjeet Saha=Dev for short, who is more than 40 years younger than me did much riding and he is as ga-ga about Jupiter as Lady GaGa! Before this we had been testing a very Impulseive bike, and neither Dev nor I would hike our ass above the seat for speed breakers which abound everywhere in and around Pune. I think it is because of the Hydraulic+Gas filled rear suspension of Jupiter which is fantastic!

Right after that, Enter the Jupiter under our ass! We continued to give it the impulsive treatment we were used to, and Jupiter ate up speed breakers very impulsively!

Road holding and handling is superb. Incidentally, Dev 0wns (=bought & paid for) a gearless scooter of another brand which he ostensibly bought for his father who is five years younger than me but I think Dev is using it more himself for maalgaadi purposes than his father, but as long as Jupiter was with him Dev never used his other scooter. I suspect his father must also have ridden Jupiter, which speaks volumes about the ride quality of Jupiter as attested by a 60+ old man who is a non-biker and family man.

There are similarities between Jupiter & WeGo: Tires on both WeGo and Jupiter are same 90/90 x 12. Stopping in both is by 130mm drum brakes front and rear, though I believe and the website says so, a front disc brake option is available on WeGo but not in Jupiter. In any case both WeGo and Jupiter which I tested came with only drum brakes.

Pickup and acceleration is on par with this class – I found that Jupiter stopping power is more than adequate, and the bike keeps straight even under panic conditions=Jamming both brakes including double seat, which is pretty good! The wheelbase of 1275mm same as wego and ground clearance is 150mm same as wego.

You can keep up with the traffic whichever way you want. If you want to do it, Jupiter can do it. No problem.     

Top speed speedo-indicated as done by Dev is 92kmpH.


Mileage was measured in city only and the riding was done by Dev, weight 73kg, age 27, height 172cm. At speeds not above 60 except once touch 80, including in rain, Jupiter gave 57.2kmpL. RAYPing the bike gave Dev 41kmpL. (RAYP=Ride As You Please). Indeed, if I had done the riding myself, with my driving style and 49kg weight, I would have easily got more than 65kmpL. By all accounts this is one of the best mileage of any gearless (=CVT) 110cc scooter.

There are quite a few user conveniences and safety factors in this scooter.

<1>The turn indicating tell-a-tale lights in the dashboard are different and actually indicate the direction in which you are turning. Most other scooters & bikes have just one light, which indicates that turning is happening but does not specify the direction. This is a great safety factor and this single feature increases safety factor by 3.7%.

Tell-a-tale distinctly showing left turn.


Tell-a-tale distinctly showing right turn.


<3>Excellent Analog dashboard.

<4>MFR gives an excellent bright headlight beam.

<5>Fuel tank filler behind seat=you don’t have to get off.

<6>Foldable pillion footrests.

<7>Rear view mirrors provide an excellent field of vision.

<8>Choke on the left and anti-theft switch on the right.


At Rs.46,870/- ex-showroom at TVS dealer Century Auto, Pune, the best value for money today.

Price as per 28/10/2014

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