Honda CBR 250 Road Test

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I took a fairly new Honda CBR250R for a semi-urban-semi-rural spin on highly curvy roads on Tuesday 30th Sept.2014. I did around 40km on fairly good, as well as fairly bad roads in this Test Ride. Given the road(s) and traffic, the top speed I could do was 75kmpH.

The bike belongs to Yash Shah, my student At Sri Balaji Society (=SBS). In exchange I have given him my 150 cc TVS Fiero F2 for a few days. My Fiero F2 is more than 11 years old and doing fine! I get it serviced sometimes. I change engine oil myself. I have not spent a single paisa on spare parts in eleven years except Tires. I have changed the tires. Now my F2 has new RALCO Tires.


This is what the Honda CBR250R looks like.

As you can see below:


OMG!  eh? No kicker? WTF?  A bike without a kicker is like a man without a pecker! Even if his name happens to be the same as Boris Becker, who was world Tennis Champion in the days of YORE!


And then the BLUddi fairing! It is so BLUddi AngularTriangularQuadrangular! It is going for my jugular!  


I never liked angularities! No matter what other pluralities=0TT0-J0urn0s might say! The black angular piece (as you can see in the pic) near the RH footrest shouldn’t be there! WTF is it for? I don’t need a dhakkan=cover for my right foot!


The bike CBR250R has Repsol(eh? Wh0’s repsol?) fairing and Clip-On handlebars. I don’t like fairings. I don’t think fairings are scientific. We are made to believe that fairing incraese streamlining and reduce drag. To me fairing – whether angular or circular – is a dhakkan, and dhakkan is a load which adds weight, even a donkey knows that – and donkeys know more about load & weight than any other creature! Donkey has been carrying man’s load & weight since time immemorial!


I am a 49kilo bhooka-nanga aadmi, and I want my bike to look bhooka-nanga like me, not Dhakaa huaa!

I also don’t like ClipOn=Kleep0n=sleep0n handlebars.  I did 35km on semi-rural road (kaafi-traffic) — max speed I could do was 75kmpH.  I did SiX km more on very bad rural road with no traffic. The ride was done totally single seat. My height is 174 cm= = 5-feet 8.5 inches and weight is 49kg. Age is 68.


ClipOn=Kleep0n=sleep0n handlebars make me homo-BENDUS.

First and foremost, the riding posture and seating geometry is NOT suitable for my age and my size. Due to the ClipOn=Kleep0n=sleep0n handlebar(s), driver has to forever lean on the handlebar like continuous racing stance=position. I may be 68, but as yet I don’t need to lean. I need no stick. I am still homo-ERECTUS! But this CBR250 seating posture/geometry makes me homo-BENDUS, which puts pressure on my arms which I 99% don’t need, require or want. It makes me uncomfortable.

This seating geometry may be OK for an 18 year old with a Perpetually Perpendicular Perpendicularity where he is forever racing, but not for 68year man like me. Sure, the driver seat is generous enough, much ass-sliding adjustment space is available: the further back you move the more

comfortable the ass is, but the arms become more UN-comfortable bkoz U R Leaning on them! The URL is not ideal for me! URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. Looks like I am dislocated!

And then there is the issue of T0E-ONLY gear shifter! Why T0E-ONLY? T0E-ONLY is bad for my delicate, corporate shoe-polish! Meri corporate social position ka kya hoga? Why do these manufacturers believe that reducing 25grams of weight is more important than shining leather boots?

As I press the starter swictch, the engine fires and the bike idles in neutral. I didn’t observe the engine rpm but I felt some knock. I open the throttle, shift to 1st gear by LH Toe press, and the knocking becomes more discernible.

Low End Torque is pretty poor. Torque starts just kicking in only after 4000rpm whereas max torque=22.9Nm happens at a very high 7000 rpm! This is 0ne of the highest max tork rpm among all bikes in this hole country! Gawd!

WTF? TheFact is that the ELF=Engine Life Factor of Honda CBR250R is a miserable 1.01. Compare this with ELF=1.6 of Karizma ZMR and Bullet 500 ELF=2.307! So life of this bike will be 60% shorter than Karizma and less than half of Bullet.

The single cylinder knocks if you are in high gear before 4000 rpm. Try to shift up to higher gear with the Painful T0E-ONLY shifter, (there go your polished corporate shoes) and unless you raise the rpm, knocking increases.

On my rural ride where the road was pretty bad with patches of kuccha road, I felt the suspension was hard.


The 17inch Low-profile(aspect ratio=0.7) tires – 110/70(aspect ratio=0.7) front and 140/70(aspect ratio=0.7) rear add to the hardness of the ride/suspension. This above photo is of the rear tire and rear disc brake.


The front fork=hard suspension. I don’t care if it is Down-Side-Up (=DSU) or USD, to me it was Bose-D! Damn hard! I have no mass in my ass! Whattodo? I am only 49kg!


Road holding is quite good due to the hard suspension and ABS brakes – 296mm disc front and 220mm disc rear – which are quite effective! Handling was however an issue with me due to the ClipOn=Kleep0n=sleep0n handlebars.


The CBR250R has half a dozen gears – gawd! While such a high revving engine producing poor Low End Torque does need many gears to make sense, to me the effort of changing gears so frequently (to keep in tune with the stop-and-go city traffic) is too much. Long ago, when I was the same age as Yash Shah who lent me the CBR250R, I had a 175cc bike named Rajdoot made by Escorts Ltd. which had only three gears and so needed much less gear changing effort. My 0h-so-polished  corporate shoes (and sometimes non-corporate  chappals) also did not like the six gears with the BLuddi Toe-only shifter.


Funnily Escorts (who are not in the motorcycle business anymore) was also the first bike manufacturer in India to make a bike with SiX gears 26 years ago – which was the iconic 2-stroke, twin-cylinder, twin-carburetor Yamaha-Rajdoot, (which was better known as Yamdoot!) – The fastest bike of its time=30.5bhp (CBR250R is 26.15bhp=19.5kw at 8500rpm). The old Yamdoot was faster & had 4.35bhp more power than this CBR250R, but then I was 26 years younger!


There are much gizmos in this bike: it has 4valves=complication operated by Double OverHead Camshafts=DOHC=more complication, and fuel injection=Expensive – not carburetor=cheaper.




Some dimensions: Running on a wheelbase of 1367mm, the bike’s kerb weight is 167kg. Kerb I believe is weight of bike with 90% fuel and full engine 0iL. This is 30kg less than Bullet, but I find Bullet 300% more comfortable, ride-able, suitable…… than this CBR250R. Ground clearance is given as 145mm, but it does not say at which point it is measured – lowest point of crankcase or retracted main stand? I did not measure it myself. The practical thing is that the bottom did not hit the speed breakers in Pune. Speed breakers in Pune are fairly standard size.

The engine is Liquid cooled (LicK-vid KoooLD?). Ah! Liquid! The best coolant is water, so whatever Liquid it is, it will be majorly WATER. Why don’t they just say water cooled? NO! This is the age of media hype. Don’t call it water which is free which it is, call it Liquid=LicK Vid which costs munny and Lick it! Make it complicated. Bluddi media hype-giri! Seedhay-seedhay bolo ki water cooled hai.


Pictured above is the LicKvid Cooler=water cooler=radiator hidden under the fairing.

Bahut hai. Ye LicK Vid kya hai? Paani hi toh hai! Aur kya hoga? Solid cooled bhi hota hai kya?

 And the rear grab rails which are SPLiT. I am against split grab rails because our females wear loose clothing and it can get stuck in the exposed prix of the grab rails and they may fall down. Also split grab rails are difficult to hold by the pillion. I say Split grab rails should be banned!


Split grab rails: Dangerous! 


Fuel tank is 13Liters. dunnO how much reserve. Site doesn’t tell. I cannot measure(I am idiot). Nobody canNobody is idiot.There is no fuel cock. This is an F-i engine. F-i engines ke tanks don’t have fuel cocks! I dunno why? The only way I know (and have DONE in the past) is to do tankfull-to-tankfull test which I did not do. WHY? Am I lazy? Is it too much effort? Too much cost? To get any accurate mileage figures, I gotta fill up the tank and head out to the sea, which is a 500km return trip. I can do but it is raining! Anyways HMSI didn’t gimme the bike. It was bought and paid for by Yash Shah, so WTF? And being the youngster he is, he wants the bike back Kwik Lee Like Bruce Lee – how can he be happy with a 11 year old F2?                          

Yet I estimate that mileage/average would be about the same as Bullet, which is between 35 and 40.


<1>If you are looking for mileage more than 40, this bike is not for you.

<2>Having a short stroke of 55mm and a wide bore of 76mm, the stroke/bore rati0 of this engine is 0.7236, which is less than 1. Therefore as per Archimedes Law, Low End Torque will be weak, which is actually weak, as I found out by riding it. As mentioned above, torque starts kicking in only after 4000rpm and peaks at 7000! With such a high revving engine, if even 6.87% of your driving/using the bike is in traffic area, this bike is not for you.

<3>If you are above age 30, this bike is NOT for you.

<4>The only category for which this bike is suitable, are those people who are absolutely and completely homo-erectus and have a perpetually perpendicular perpendicularity!

<5>One good thing about this bike is that headlight power is 60/55watts, whereas 99% other bikes have 35watt headlight.




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