Bike engine cleaning by Flushing

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Bike Engine cleaning by FLUSHiNG:

<1>Flushing OiL is available in market=many brands. Buy 1.5 Liters of any well known brand. This quantity will cover all Indian bikes up to 250 cc and ALL 350 & 500 cc models of BULLET!
<2>From Owners Manual read and find out how much is quantity of engine oil to fill in your bike, as per model.

<3>Start engine in neutral gear and do vroom-vroom 2/3 times. When engine starts idling steadily (This may take 2minutes), shift gears one by one and run in each gear at idling rpm in each gear for 90seconds.  Stop engine, open drain plug=Gaand-ka-Chhed and drain out old engine oil from crankcase completely, totally, absolutely.

<4>For complete cleaning of crankcase, You can insert yourHollow Plastictube into crank case thru Upper Hole and give BLOW JOB so as to EJACULATE the last drop of oil to drip.
<5>Fit back and close the drain plug full tight and fill in same quantity of flushing oil in crankcase as given in 0wners Manual for quantity of engine 0iL.

<6>Start engine in neutral gear and let it run for 3.5 minutes.
<7>Shift to first gear and run engine for one minute.
<8>Shift to next gear and run engine for one minute.
<9>In each gear run engine for one minute.
<10>Stop engine, open & take out drain plug and immediately drain out flushing oil completely, totally, absolutely while engine is still hot. You can also give BLOW JOB as explained at <4> above.

<11>Don’t throw away the removed flushing 0iL. Store it safely. It can be used again. It can be Re-Used FiVE times.
<12>Fit back drain plug.
<13>Fill fresh engine oil as per quantity given in Owners Manual.

<14>Close back the oil filler hole with cap/dipstick as case may be.

<15>Some stupid unfortunate donkey bike models have INSPECTiON=IN SPEK SHUN Window at the lowest level of Crank case. Firstly, for this you have to prostrate yourself on the ground for your eyes to come level with the window. I still cannot see. I am 67 years. Maybe my eyes are weak. So I bought an L.E.D. torch costing 399/-. Now I can see, but the kind of gymnastics I have to do to make my eyes level with the window is like BRiNGiNG CAMEL’S  EYES  ON  LEVEL  WiTH  A  FROG’S  ASSHOLE  !
but WTF…..You have to do it !

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