KTM Duke 1190

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KTM 1190

As I said in my review of the KTM 690 a few days ago, I favor and love single cylinders. To me, single=simple where there is no angle! If the single cylinder has a push rod engine (instead of timing chain—which 99% of engines today have) then that engine is GOD! Since there is Only One God in the whole of this universe, there is 0NLY One such bike in the whole of this country – in fact in the whole of this world - and that is Bullet!

I believe Harley Davidson engines are also push-rod operated, but HD does not make Singles, so they are out of the reckoning!

Multi cylinder engines do serve the purpose for which they are designed but my purpose is different. You can even call it Retro!

So then this 1190 engine is TWiN cylinder, which is a V-twin whose angle-of-dangle is 75degrees! With a bore x stroke of 105mm x 69mm, each cylinder is of 597.47151cc, so 2cylinders=2 x 597.47151=1194.943cc which, rounded off~~becomes 1190, which is KTM’s trade mark of the digit 90 – as in 390…..690…..1190!

So much for engine dimensions. What does it offer?

It offers 129kW (173hp) =129 x 1.3599=175.43ps of power – at what rpm? is not mentioned!

Given a dry weight of 184kg, the theoretical power-to-weight ratio of this bike is=175.43ps divided by 184kg=0.953424 ps/kg, which is almost=1ps/kg! If you want in bhp, then it is 173bhp/184kg which is 0.94bhp/kg, which again is almost 1!

In comparison the theoretical power-to-weight rati0 of Duke 690 is 0.67bhp/149.5kg=0.448bhp/kg which is less than half that of the 1190! By God!==EL Goddo!

You know what that means?

If you Jazzed on Duke’s 200 (I did) and rocked on the 390, and if you’re drooling on the 690, the 1190 will make you 0rgaZZ!

If you add 10kg fuel in tank and put a rider 75kg on the bike, the RealTime power to weight rati0 of the 1190 is 173bhp/269kg= =0.643, which again is much more than double of the 690 which is 0.285bhp/kg.

What about Low End Torque – LET? The stroke/bore [s/b] ratio of the 1190 is 69/105=0.657, which is much lower than [s/b] ratio of the 690, which is 0.828. Yet I imagine the Low LET characteristics of such a short stroke engine would not manifest very profoundly at the wheel/road interface because of the TWO cylinders.

It is only E-start – I don’t see any kick in photo nor is a kick mentioned. Too bad! For me, that’s a negative!

Transmission is SiX speed and is claw (klaw) shifted. I wonder what other types of shifters are there? I dunno [actually no 0tt0Journalist kn0 nor take trubble to kn0. I also dunn0 bcoz I have not lived inside this gearbox. I am as stoopid as anyone].

Engine Lubrication is dry sump with 3 rotor pumps. I imagine this grammatically means there are THREE separate different pumps (rather than 3 rotors in 0ne pump) since ‘s’ is with pump not with rotor. I would say that is a lot of Lubrication!

Engine is liquid cooled. Clutch is multi-disk hydraulic. Ignition is digital.

Front suspension is USD and rear is mono with some kind of linkage which looks complicated and not clearly visible in the photo, but gives the impression of linkages to reduce plunger travel to prevent foaming in the shocker fluid. Suspension travel both front and rear is 120mm. This bike will probably be hard on speed breakers.

Stopping is by twin 320mm disks front and one 220mm disk rear.

Front tyre size for 1190 is 120/70-17 while the rear is 190/55-17. 190 is Very Wide while Aspect Ratio of 55 is very Low. which is what gives it a very low CG and a very low GC=Ground Clearance of just 110mm!

On a wheelbase of 1425 + or – 15mm. (is wheelbase variable?)

Fuel Tank is 16.5Liters and dry weight is 184kg.

The solid rear swing-arm is a trade mark of KTM and no other bike has such a swing-arm.

The sheer power-to-weight ratio of this bike is ASTOUNDiNG!

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