KTM Duke 690

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Duke 690

Somehow I am not kicked with twin (or more) cylinder engines.

I am also NOT kicked by HiGH Revving short stroke engines with HiGH Compression Ratios [CRs] – why?

Bcoz HiGH Rev-ving short stroke engines with HiGH Compression Ratios have low ELF=short life as per Law of Nature! Such engines would need high maintenance which nobody wants to do!

Thus my favorite is Bullet 500 which has Lowest (8.5) CR and Lowest (5100) rpm and has the highest ELF (2.307) among all commonly known bikes!

I am also not enamored by multi (4) valves per cylinder for the same reasons. I have the same opinion about F-i for the same reason(s)!

Yet I am HiGHLY enamored by Duke which has all my perceived negatives: high rpm, high CR, 4valves & F-i ! OMG !=EL Gwadd0= =BaaaapRayBaaaap !


Bcoz it is single cylinder – which Overcomes ALL Four above negatives!

Duke proves that you DON’T need multi cylinders for Performance! Which I experienced when I tested the Duke200!

The Duke690 Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition Liquid Cooled engine has bore X stroke of 102mm X 84.5mm giving it a stroke/bore [s/b] rati0 of 0.828 which as per Archimedes Law, does NOT produce good LowEndTorque, that is LET!

So what? Who needs LET? Duke is NOT about LET. It is about HET=High EndTorque! Duke is all about Zipping! Keep Rev-ving flipping and zipping! It is designed for that!

Producing 50kw=67hp, this six-speed bike has a dry weight of 149.5kg. Add rider weight (75kg) + 10kg petrol, and total weight becomes 235kg, which gives it a power to weight rati0 of 0.285bhp per kg, which is one of the highest in the world, which is what gives this bike its zippy character.

For other Hi-Tech exclusive features see the Duke200 test report earlier in this section itself.

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