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Maestro & Pleasure

A Comparative Analysis:

When I bought (and paid for) FOUR Hero 2wheelers (out of which 0ne was a Maestro scooter) two months ago, I wondered why Hero launched another scooter when PLEASURE already existed? Is Pleasure not pleasing enough?

Sure it is, but doesn’t everyone look at other women even when he is with his wife/gf? Everyone does! That’s Lust for LiFE, which is greater than Lust for WiFE!


Indeed! That is Law of Nature!

Life must keep renewing itself ! Do you know that snakes shed their complete skin in one piece every year and grow a new one? In fact even humans keep shedding skin cells and growing new ones, not 0ne-shot-0ne-piece-once-in-a-year like snake, but cunt in you us Lee! All the time, every day! That’s survival! That’s RENEWAL, that’s existence in life and in the market!


Sure we shed skin just like the snake but we remain the same INSiDE, just like the snake remains the same INSiDE! So is it Old wine in new bottle or is it NEW WiNE?

It is NEW WiNE!

You mean Maestro is a totally different scooter?


Ya I can see that it LOOKs different but what about the inside?

The engine is different. Maestro has a bigger engine but much else such as chassis, suspension and some other things are same.

Tell me more about the engine.

It appears to have the same engine as the Passion Xpro which is 109.2cc!

eh? What do you mean appears? Aren’t you sure? Measure it and confirm na!

eh? Measure? You mean open engine and all, get Vernier Calipers and measure?

Ya, that’s what I mean!

eh? Who measures? All 0TT0 maggazzines and websites just parrot (repeat=use=reproduce) the data published by manufacturer. Nobody actually measures. It is too much work and everybody (=all magazines) are in a hurry to publish their report Kwik Lee Like Bruce Lee, so that their magazine sells more! I know all this because I have worked in all the 0TT0 magazines in this cunt ree since last 27 years!

Facts are NOT sacrosanct. Sach ho ya jhooth! Sahi ho ya galat! If you want to sell, you have to be first! Speed is important! Media hype is the key! The effectiveness depends on who first, who loudest & how many times= pehle kaun bola, kitni zor se bola & kitni baar bola?

In Lucknow they say: pehle AAP!

AAP? You mean like Aaam Aaadmi Parteee?

Ya, something like that! As you can see the media in the hole of this cunt ree is screaming about AAP – and it seems to be having effect.

But will the Readers Digest lies=jh00th? Will they believe it?

Yes! Being first has one big advantage which anybody else after first can never get!

What is that?

Our brain is an empty hard disk. Whoever is FiRST, gets fresh empty free disc space! Everybody after that has to first rub off/cancel earlier data and then write new data in the same space, which is not always possible. And even if you manage to rub off earlier written stuff, the rubbing marks remain, which create doubt.

Never mind the doubt. Just give data. What is this Maestro engine?

Well there are TWO sources of data: Website and 0wners Manual. Website everyone can see, but I also got 0wners Manual which only buyer gets. I bought this Maestro. Owner gets 0wners Manual FREE! From which source you want data? 0wners Manual 0r website?

Aaah! Don’t Hooo Haaa! Just give whatever data you have.

OK. I give from website since website is accessible to everyone while 0wners Manual is not!

Maestro engine is given as 109cc. It produces 6kw =8.16PS~say~8.2PS=8.05bhp) at 7500rpm and max Torque 9.10Nm at 5500rpm. On a wheelbase of 1240mm (same as Pleasure) riding on 90/100 X 10 tires (Pleasure has 3.5o x 10 tires which is almost the same size). Both are stopped by 130mm drum brakes on both wheels.

Pleasure on the other hand has a 102cc engine producing 5.03kw=6.84PS=6.75bhp) of power at 7000rpm (which is 500rpm slower than Maestro) and max torque 7.85Nm at 5000rpm (which again is 500rpm slower than Maestro). Thus given that Pleasure engine Compression Ratio [CR] is 9=NiNE, and Maestro CR is 9.5 (NiNE point five), and Pleasure max rpm being 500rpm lower, the Engine Life Factor (ELF) of Pleasure is 1.587 and ELF of Maestro is 1.465. Therefore Pleasure engine will have 8% longer life!

The bore X stroke of Pleasure is 50 x 52mm, while that of Maestro is 50 x 55.5mm. Thus the stroke/bore ratio of Pleasure engine is 1.04, and of Maestro engine is 1.11 Therefore Maestro has better Low End Torque!

Maestro also seems to have a COMBiNED BRAKiNG SYSTEM (=CBS), which I assume means that both front and rear brake act simultaneously.

Yaani ki handlebar ka RH lever daba0 ya rear brake ka foot-pedal daba0 toh kya dono (=aagay+peechhay) ke brake lagtay hai?


Aaagay ke brake ke liye agar RH handlebar lever daba0 toh sirf aagay ka brake lagta hai, peechhay ka nahi lagta!

Lekin agar foot pedal se pichhla brake laga0 toh d0nO wheel lock ho jaatay hai. MaiNay kar ke dekha! Actually!


Twin Lead front brake is very good for CBS is an added SAFETY feature in Maestro.

On Road:

Maestro Road holding is excellent as small wheeled scooters go. Suspension is a bit stiff, which is better than OK bcoz stiff suspension means better road holding and better safety, which Maestro has.

The 35w Headlight beam at night is as good as necessary at the top speed that this scooter can do. Braking as I have said above is Combined – 0nly by foot pedal, but EXCELLENT!


Handling is very good. You can keep this scooter as planted as you wish. It stays where you keep it and goes the way you want it to. What more do you want?

YET there are many differences between Maestro and Pleasure: Though wheelbase of both is same, the Ground Clearance [GC] of Maestro is 30mm higher than Pleasure. No wonder the suspension is stiff. This scooter will never hit speed breaker! Gr8!


Mileage & Performance:

The mileage test was done on a Tankfull-to-Tankfull basis by Devjeet Saha. Riding free style: 70% in city area and 30% on highway (between my house & Dev’s house is highway), over a distance of 76.4km the Maestro consumed 1.40Liters. This gives mileage as 76.4/1.40==54.6kmpl.

Pickup is pretty good as automatic / VariOmatic scooters go and the top speed (Speedo-indicated) as noted by Devjeet is @ 90kmpH.


The market is flooded with scooters. Every two wheeler maker (except Bajaj) has One or more Variomatic / Automatic scooters in its portfolio. Given that human beings are lazy and half the human race is female, very soon this genre of two wheelers will dethrone the geared bike.

And if you are in the market for a Variomatic / Automatic scooter, just check out the brilliant colors in which Maestro is available. You’ll be dazzled!

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