Mahindra Pantero/Centuro--Armchair Compar0

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Mahindra Centuro/Pantero – Armchair Comparo!

Centuro & Pantero are the MAHiNDRA TWiNs, but they are not Identical twins. They carry identical genes but they don’t LooK alike!

First and foremost the PANTERO website is a real put-off! The damn photo of the PANTERO keeps going Orthogonal! Moment-to-Moment! Oh so iRRiTATiNG—TATiNG—TATiNG—TATiNG…..! Like a bloody dangling modifier!

Gawd! Reminds me of what the seniors taught me in I.I.T. during ragging in 1964 = 50 years ago!>>

First they ask: Do you know Boyles Law? If you do, say it”.

I replied: “In a gas, pressure is inversely proportional to volume provided temperature is constant!

“Good. Now, do you know BALLs Law”?

“No sir”.

“Idiot! Balls Law is more important than any other Law. It is due to Balls Law that you exist! Learn! And the seniors told me BALLs Law as below:

The Angle of the Dangle (you know which organ of male body Dangles) is Proportional to the Thrust of the Bust, PROViDED the Mass 0f the Ass is Constant!

I’m fine if MY Dangler changes angle, but (in the Mahindra website) the Pantero photo going orthogonal moment-to-moment is an absolute NO--NO! Very Very iRRiTATiNG—TiNG—TiNG—TiNG……!

Both these bikes have the same identical horizontally laid out 106.7cc engine (106.74739cc to be exact) which has bore X stroke of 52.4 x 49.5 mm. Both produce 6.25kw=8.5ps=8.38bhp at 7500rpm and max torque 8.5Nm at 5500rpm. (interesting to know that Hero Splendor Pro and Hero Passion Pro ALSO have identical 97.2cc engines which are also horizontally laid out).

Both apparently built on an identical wheelbase of 1265mm, ride on identical 2.75 x 18 tires front and 3.oo x 18 rear. Stopping on both is by 130mm drum brakes.

Both apparently have 4 gears, apparently in ALL-UP pattern like Hero Splendor series.

Dry weight of Centuro is 111kg – Pantero will be a kilo or two less.

Both apparently have electric-start as well as Kick-start.

35watt headlight on both is at par with this genre.

Analysis of data:

This is not a very high revving engine, but in the absence of data about Compression Ratio [CR], it is not possible to calculate ELF=Engine Life Factor, but ELF of both will be same since engine is same.

With a bore of 52.4mm and stroke of 49.5mm, the stroke/bore [s/b] ratio is 0.945, which is less than 1. Thus, as per Archimedes Law (Mechanical Advantage X Velocity Ratio=1 always), LET=Low End Torque characteristics of this engine would be below par.

What matters to the driver however is the Torque at the wheel – road interface, which can be achieved by playing with the gear and sprocket ratios – which is probably what Mahindra has done, which is fine!

Claiming a mileage of 0ver 85kmpL, this bike should appeal to the frugal sector whose primary focus is economy.

Apparently, FOUR versions of Pantero and TWO versions of Centuro are on offer.

The base model of Pantero [Analog Display, 0nly Kick Start no self, Spoke Wheels not alloy version] is Rs.39,608/- ex showroom Pune in the first week of March 2014. The top version of Pantero [Digital Dashboard, Self Start, Alloy Wheels] is Rs.43,108/- ex-showroom. Two other versions are priced in-between.

Centuro is apparently the higher model (Like Suzuki Heat & Zeus – same engine etc. but Zeus being the higher version) with two versions priced at Rs.45,574/- and Rs.47,574/-.

The cheapest version of Pantero being priced at less than 40K is very aggressive. Combined with a mileage of over 85kmpL, this bike might even be the cheapest bike in India to own as well as run.

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