Mahindra Pantero

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Mahindra Pantero

Mahindra have been selling their 125 cc Duro and other gearless=Automatic=ungeared=variomatic scooters for some time. Based on the earlier 125 cc Kinetic FLYTE scooter, the Duro & couple of differently named but similarly abled scooters have been inching along in the market. But there are too many players in the market: Honda-HMSI, Suzuki, Yamaha, Hero, TVS, and the competition is tough. So Mahindra must enter the other mass segment, that is the~100 cc, geared, econo bike sector. It has done so with the PANTERO.

I recently visited a Mahindra bike showroom near my house in Pune and picked up a PANTERO leaflet/Catlog/brochure. It says that PANTERO has a MCI-5 engine, and it is explained that MCI-5 means Micro Chip Ignited 5 curve engine – whatever that means. To me it is just using high funda words for media hype – which everybody does! The leaflet (mostly in Marathi) says: it gives more power on upslope and more mileage on plane/plain road – probably because of the 5 curves.

The only other entity I know who uses curves to enhance attractivity is the human female. Well curvy it is though not much more so than other curvilinear bikes. The leaflet claims Panther like sleek style and “Love-Chik-ness”==which I think translates to flexibility.

eh flexibility? I thought chassis should be “flex-free” for better road holding and handling. Maybe I am wrong!

Claiming an ARAI mileage of 79.4 kmpl, the bike offers a TWO year standard warranty PLUS optional additional THREE years extended warranty (which has to be paid for separately).

I wouldn’t go for this additional THREE years extended warranty (which has to be paid for separately) because everybody (including Mahindra Pantero dealer) prefers SPOT CASH for work done ON THE SPOT! Who doesn’t? But if you make a claim against extended warranty, then dealer has to do much procedure and paperwork to get money from company. And WHOTF wants to do long paperwork and wait for months to get his money?

Next the leaflet says the engine is~110 cc MCi-5 (explained above) which produces 8.5 PS=8.38 bhp=6.25 kw at 7500 rpm. Suspension is twin forks front and twin shocks rear. The good thing is the massive 13.7 liter fuel tank. This bike has four gears with a shift pattern of N-1-2-3-4. This does not clarify whether it is neutral and all-down or neutral and all-up? Either way, all-up or all-down, both are NOT the safest shift pattern. The safest shift pattern is 0ne-down-four-up. Next in safety is 0ne-up-four-down. Next is all-down. Last is all-up. Make your choice.

You may ask: WHOTF is Dilip Bam to grade safe shift patterns?

I have done research on this. I can prove it on the ground against measureable parameters.

The bike is available in electric and/or kick start version as well as in alloy/spoke wheel versions.

The crowning glory of this bike is that it boasts the L-o-n-g-e-s-t seat length at 77.4 mm. Which is a LoT of sitting space for a really L-o-n-g ride. On a tankfull of 13.7 liters this bike can go non-stop for over 1000 km!

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