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RECORD on a Less than 100cc bike:

1552km Non-stop on 97.2cc Hero Splendor Pro!

 No matter what cc bike you own, what matters is the fire within: to perform and achieve the seemingly impossible!  

The ride began on Friday the 13th, a day considered especially unlucky in Anglo-Saxon (European & American) tradition, and 13th December 2013 was a Friday! Devjeet Saha of Team bikeguru did what no long distance biker would even think of attempting: He rode from Pune to Bangalore and back on Hero Splendor Pro, a less than 100cc bike. The distance translated to over 1500km.

The ride started at 8:20 am on 13 December 2013, with a slight nip in the air. I am sure Dev would have had butterflies in his stomach in anticipation of the ride and I wonder if he could have slept well on 12th night.

This is not his first long distance ride, but it was a challenge keeping in mind the small 97.2cc engine of Hero Splendor Pro.

For his previous rides visit: www.devjeetsaha.com

I believe - safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy. Having seen and experienced accidents on the road I strongly promulgate the use of safety gears while driving: Vega helmet (which has save bikeguru Dilip Bam’s life more than once), DSG riding jacket, Cramster riding trousers, safety boots and safety gloves.

It was mid-December and height of winter! Devjeet would have to cope with temperatures close to Zero. The safety gear would protect him in case of an accident, but the biting cold and the Wind-Chill factor due to the high speed (100kpH) ride at night Dev would have to reckon with, especially during the nights, would numb his joints!

Energy for the ride came from two handfuls of cashew nuts, a 5Star chocolate, chewing gum, roadside tea and water. The biting cold might keep him awake but he could just freeze and fall off the bike wide awake! I wonder how much hot tea he would need to prevent that from happening, yet every stop would make him lose time – and TiME was the essence of this attempt!

He started from Shell Petrol Pump in Warje, Pune, travelled along the national highway (NH.4) to Bangalore, and returned the following morning (14.Dec.) to Pune at 09.30 hours in the morning, at the same petrol pump. I was there to flag him off 13th Dec. morning and was there when he returned to the same spot.

Dev had covered 1552 km in 25 hours and 10 minutes on the less than 100cc Splendor Pro – which I believe nobody has done until now.

What this proved was: The 97.2cc Splendor Pro is a technological piece of sturdiness and durability. A truly marvelous bike designed for fast and safe travel.

Having earlier safely done high speed Pune – Ludhiana-  Pune (4155km) and Pune – Kolkata – Pune (4400km double seat) on Hero ZMR fitted with RALCO Tires, Team bikeguru had changed the Splendor Pro’s 2.75 x 18 stock tires of whichever brand it came fitted with, and replaced them with 2.75 x 18 RALCO tires having excellent braking characteristics which have ensured his safety in many past rides.

The ride was completed uneventfully (which is good) and much to my satisfaction.

This is another feather in the cap for Devjeet Saha and another addition to Team bikeguru’s kitty of events!


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