Comparo of Hero Splendor Pro, Hero Passion Pro and Hero Passion XPro

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Since I bought & paid for FOUR Hero bikes (actually 3 bikes & 0ne scooter: Splendor Pro, Passion Pro & Passion Xpro, and one Maestro scooter) on the same day from the same Hero dealer, I just HAD to check out the differences between the 3 bikes.

To start with, the Hero Passion Xpro has a 109.2cc engine, while both Hero Splendor Pro and Hero Passion Pro have exactly identical 97.2cc engine. Thus Xpro engine is 12cc bigger than 97.2cc.

Comparing the Hero Passion Xpro, I also took a ride on the 97.2cc Brand new Splendor pro. What a difference! Compared to the 109.2cc Xpro, the 97.2cc Splendor pro felt like a toy!

The Hero Splendor Pro weighs fewkg less, has thinner tires (2.75 x 18 both front and rear) while Xpro has 80/100 x 18 front and 90/90 x 18 rear which are thicker. Both have self start=Kamaal hai! Aaj-kal log Kick karna nahi chahatay, sirf BuTToN dabaana chahtay hai!

Both have alloy wheels. Xpro has 130mm drum brake on both wheels but Hero Splendor Pro has 110mm rear drum brake and 130mm front drum brake. Hero Passion Pro has 130mm drum brakes both front and rear.

Thus, mathematically the Hero Splendor pro should feel (say) 5% lighter/smaller, but it FEELs 50% smaller! But it does give more mileage than Xpro which is what makes Hero Splendor pro the largest selling model in the whole of this world for a dozen years! No wonder!

So why has Hero created Passion Xpro which is just 12cc (109.2 minus 97.2) larger than Splendor pro & Passion Pro?

My analysis is that Xpro is a “SEMi-AMBiTiOUS” expression of Hero’s unachieved AMBiTiON !

Eh? What’s semi-ambition ?

In Hero’s case, full Ambition is 135cc. Hero had once launched a 135cc bike named Ambition and media hyped it as the POWERFUeL bike rather than POWERFUL bike. Ambition was not hyped as POWERFUL, since it would fly in the face of the 150cc CBZ, Hero’s flagship model at that time! Why then create this 109cc niche?

Because Hero’s credo is FUeL, NOT Power! And the Ambition was probably neither here nor there, that is: it had more power than Splendor, but not as much as CBZ. So the ones who wanted power went for CBZ and the ones that wanted mileage went for Splendor, and Hero’s Ambition remained unfulfilled. They also are probably not yet sure what eXactly their Ambition is. So Hero seems to have decided to take a step-by-step approach, and therefore introduced the Passion Pro between Splendor Pro and Passion Xpro!

eh? Passion Pro without the X? What is that?

Hero Passion Pro is a bike with exactly the same identical engine as Splendor Pro in the same T-bone chassis frame horizontal layout (Xpro is vertical) having identical engine: same cc, same torque, same bhp @ same rpm & etc. But there are OTHER differences, such as: Passion Pro has: Fatter (3.oo) rear tire(Spl.Pro has 2.75 rear tire); 130mm rear drum brake(Spl.Pro has 110mm rear drum); 7kg heavier weight(partly bkoz of the 240mm front disc 0ption which MY PPro does not have); larger 12.8Liter fuel tank(Spl.Pro has 11 liter tank); PPro has 1235mm wheelbase(Spl.Pro has 1230mm wheelbase).

The above differences are as given in the Owner’s Manual.

There are other differences (not mentioned in 0wners Manual) between the Splendor pro and Passion pro which I bought and PAiD FOR on the same day, which I noted as follows:

1>Splendor Pro has a chrome plated metallic carrier-cum-grab-rail at the rear end behind the seat, while Passion Pro and Xpro have no carrier, only Black grab-rails which are different from each other. (Does it matter? Of course it does, otherwise why would Hero spend so much money in creating the differences? And Hero is spending so much munny bkoz they believe it matters!)

2>The rear end of the rear mudguard of the SPro is upturned, while PPro & PXpro rear end are straight down (no upturn), yet their shapes are different.

3>SPro has a square, flat, tail-lamp while PPro & Xpro have pointy tail lamps which are different from each other.

4>All three have different shaped blinkers and different silencers.

5>SPro has all metallic parts (engine, leg-guard, kicker etc.) in white or chrome, while the same parts in PPro and Xpro are black.

6>SPro & PPro kicker is same shape & size but SPro kicker is chrome while PPro kicker is black. PXpro kicker is totally different shape and size and is totally black.

7>SPro & PPro starter motor is on top of the crankcase while PXpro is in front of the engine block at the bottom. This is because SPro and PPro engines are horizontally oriented while PXpro engine has vertical orientation.

8>Crankcase shape of all three are different.

9>Headlamp fairing of all three are different.

10>All three have different shaped fuel tanks. Fuel tank caps of all three are different. While Xpro cap is heavy push-lock type and is flush with the tank, Ppro cap also heavy push-lock type is NOT flush with tank surface. Spro has screw type cap with an additional, hinged, protruding lockable dhakkan !

11>All three have same identical Rear View Mirrors and same identical switchgear.

12>PPro and PXpro have identical meters/dashboard partly digital, while Spro has totally different dashboard which has two circular dials, no trip meter, no tach0, and is totally analog, nothing is digital.

13>Spro & Ppro have double downtube frame in which engine is NOT a stressed member while PXpro has a single downtube chassis with engine as a stressed member.

14>SPro and PPro have 30mm Front Forks while PXpro has 31mm Front Fork.

15>SPro and PPro have 25.5mm dia and 43cm long round swing arm, while PXpro has 48cm long rectangular swing arm which is 40mm vertically and 20mm horizontally.

16>SPro and PPro have different shaped Utility box under fuel tank (since their engine is horizontal and there is space), while PXpro has no utility box since engine is vertical and there is no space for it.

17>Leg guard of XPro is different, while leg guard of SPro and PPro are identical, SPro is chrome while PPro is black.

18>While main spring of rear shockers of all three have 7.5mm dia spring, the Xpro shockers are slightly different. SPro and PPro rear shockers are identical.

19>Handlebar of SPro and PPro are slighty different, while handlebar of Xpro is much different.

20>Xpro handlebar has conical end-pieces while Spro and Ppro have no end pieces.


Big deal!

Gr8 FiDDerences…err…I mean DiFFerences, which buyer dunno before buying – maybe donn even bodder! He go by LooX!.

OK, but just to LeyyU kno, the above are the FiDDerences…err…I mean DiFFerences which I kwantified……. sorri quantified.

So Bike Buyers note this: Chooo Zing Between Hero Splendor Pro and Hero Passion Pro (Xpro=Elder sister, is not inkloooded in this specific comparo) is like chooo Zing between Two sisters who are twins but NOT identical! Vich Vun=which one you wantto ride?

How to decide?

Top speed, pickUp…….almost same! Did not measure with stop watch ! WhyTF du yu wantt0 measure differences between two GADHAs==Donkeys?

Eh? Yu are calling them Donkees?

Yes! Bkoz Donkees are the most superior kreeeechur=creature in the hole of this world! Vich is is Vot dis twin sizzlers…sorry twin sisters=almosttwin bikes... is!

eh? But we humans, when we want to abuse or stupidify somebody we always call him Donkeee! Why?

BkoZ we humans are JEALOUS!

eh? Jealous of Donkey? R U mad? Why should any human be jealous of donkey? Please justify! Please Explain!

Donkey needs NO MAiNTENANCE!. Donkey makes no demands! Donkey performs and performs and performs and keeps on performing without complaining! Donki can take any punishment and still cunt in you! In fact, Splendor OUTPERFORMs EVERY OTHER BiKE IN THE HOLE OF THIS WORLD in the task it is designed for, just like Donki outperforms every other domestic animal in the hole of this world and that is why human is jealous of Donki and call him stoooopid!

And just for your information, Devjeet Saha of Team bikeguru has done 1552km Non-Stop on my Hero Splendor Pro in a Pune Bengaluru return ride! This is already a RECORD for a less than 100cc Bike! Is it not just like Donki? Donki don’t complain and Splendor don’t complain!

Aaah! Now I understand! After all, Donki is the father of mule (mother is horse), and bkoz of mule (who carry all heavy load up the mountains) India win the Kargil war!

That is why Splendor is Unique and that is why it is the largest selling single model in the hole of this world for dozen years!

So can you quantify Splendor’s Donkey-giri?

Yes. Shake Her Sing did the fuel test. I have his results!

eh? Shake Her Sing? Who is she? Who shake her? Why? What was shaken? What did she sing?

Arrey, Shake Her Sing is the name of a very shaky man. He himself shake so much that he shaking-shaking did Saddle Sore record of Iron Butt Association of USA=1000miles=1616km in 24hours! (Pune – Bengaluru – Pune). And he did it on Her0 Impulse which prevents rider from shaking on speed breakers! His name spelling in certificate is Shekhar Singh. He dunn0 much engliss, but he study in Dilip Chhabria (DC Design) kollej final year of 3year course in DYPatil University in Pune! So I believe he know about bikes & CalQLations!

The Mileage test on Hero Passion Pro done by Shake Her Sing (49kg) in city over a distance of 20km returned a mileage of 69.44kmpL!

The Mileage test on Hero Splendor Pro by Devjeet Saha (71kg) over a distance of 19.9km returned a mileage of 90.45kmpL!

Even though Splendor Pro and Passion Pro have the same engine, Splendor Pro gives much better mileage!

That’s the difference!

Now you kn0 why Hero Splendor izz largest selling model in the hole of this world?

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