Road Test: Hero Passion XPro

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Her0 Passion Xpro : Bike for ALL Occasions!

What makes a Her0? After all, a her0 is also human just like you and me. So what sets a her0 apart?


eh? Performance? What performance? None of the Her0 bikes is the fastest – there are faster bikes? They are neither the costliest nor the cheapest. They are not the biggest, nor the smallest. So what her0ics sets her0 bikes apart from others?


Fact is: A bike made by Her0 is the largest selling single model in the hole of this world continuously for ten years and more, which means Her0 has the best understanding of customer need in the whole world. And if that’s not her0ic, what is?

eh? So is Her0 Passion Xpro the largest selling single model in the world?

No, it is the 97.2cc Her0 Splendor.

But this is the Road Test of the 109.17cc=~=109.2cc Her0 Passion Xpro, not 97.2cc Splendor! So what are you talking about? What’s so great about this Her0 Passion Xpro?


Surely there are other bigger Hero bikes with greater torque?

Sure, like Haathi has greater torque than Genda! But then Haathi is much bigger and heavier than Genda, and eats much more than Genda, just as CBZ, Hunk & Karizma have greater torque than Xpro but they have bigger engine, are heavier, drink more petrol per km and cost much more.

I still don’t get it! What’s the big deal about Xpro torque?

Please note, I said Torque CHARACTERiSTiCs, not just L.E.T.!


What’s the difference?

Ah! The difference is Archimedes!


eh? How?

Archimedes Law: Mechanical Advantage X Velocity Ratio=1. Always!

So how does this apply here?

The stroke/bore (s/b) rati0 of the engine tells it all!

What’s that?

The stroke of this engine is 55.6mm and the bore is 50mm, giving an s/b rati0 of 1.112, which is the highest among all Her0 engines today. Longer stroke gives greater mechanical advantage (L.E.T. characteristics) and lower velocity ratio, which means less wear & tear in Liner+Piston, which means longer life of engine and bike, which means saving money!


Besides, this 109.17~~109.2cc engine is fitted ONLY on 0ne bike: Passion Xpro! [Not including the Maestro SCOOTER which uses same engine!] All other Hero engines power more than one bike model, with the 97.2cc Splendor engine powering six different models, which is more models based on one engine than any other bike maker!


You also said “less wear & tear”, how is that?

Engine wear depends majorly on Compression Rati0 [CR] and RPM. Higher rpm and higher CR cause faster wear. There is a physically measureable and mathematically defined Engine Life Factor=ELF, which gives an indication of RELATiVE life span of an engine.


Mathematically ELF= 100000 divided by (CR x RPM).

Xpro ELF=100000/(nine=9 x 7500)=100000 / 67500=1.48.


The highest ELF among all Her0 bikes is the Karizma which has an ELF of 1.59, while the ELF of world’s largest selling single model, the 97.2cc Splendor is 1.48, the ELF of the Xpro is also 1.48. So while both Splendor and Xpro have same life span, the Xpro has better L.E.T. and as also more absolute power and torque. (The highest ELF among all bikes in the hole of this cunt ree and probably in the hole of this world are Bullet 500 & Café Racer 535, both have ELF=2.307).

But that means Xpro will give less mileage than Splendor, since larger animal eats more food (petrol) than smaller animal, right?


Sure, but what about dubble seat? Are you always alone? What about wife? Don’t you have wife? Everybody has wife! Quite often you have to go dubble with wife, and most likely your dubble (wife) will be bubble which most wifes become as time passes! So you need eXXtraa0 grunt0 of torqu0 to haul her! Which is exactly what the Xpro has!


I bought Passion Xpro (109.17cc) and Passion pro (97.2cc) both on same day= =15.Nov.2013! Passion pro cost Rs.57067/- and Passion Xpro cost Rs.58679/- which is just Rs.1612/- more on road which I think is truly worth the munny!


Fair enuff! HowZ the ride?

As I took delivery of the bikes at the Kundan Her0 dealership in Bavdhan, Pune, I didn’t want to self start, I wanted to kick, so I kicked….or rather tried to kick….and failed, because of high compression! That’s tagda compression! Gr8!

Now aware of the tagda compression I kicked again. The engine fired. Brand new bike! Start in First kick! No choke! Very good!

I rode outta the showroom towards home passing-without- stopping-and-filling petrol at the pump on the way – he is (or at least the pump attendants are) doing hera-pheri-chori in the zer0 setting of pump0-meter suddenly without warning while pumping yetrol…………aah! This is GAD-BAD which I don’t like so I don-g0!


I rode home directly. Between Kundan showroom and my house there are more than half a dozen standard size speed breakers, which were a breeze! WoW! What suspension! That’s Impulseive….err….impressive! (I also have Impulse).


For the first long ride, I rode it to my college SriBalajiSociety – 15km one way on NH4 towards Bombay from my house. The highway is good but there are half-a-dozen bye-passes where 0verbridge / Underbridge are being constructed, so there are diversions which are fairly curved and in pretty bad condition – not paved yet because the post-monsoon contracts haven’t been awarded yet! So I got a good feel of its road holding and further feedback on its suspension.



Fantastique! Tires, Front Fork, Rear Twin-adjustable-shocks, all in perfect harmony!

These are literally the first moments in the bike’s life. I started the bike from my house showing just 3.1km on the 0d0. Every manufacturer specifies: the first 500km as Run-in period, and you are supposed to NOT exceed 40kmpH till 0d0-sh0ws 500km.


I disagree! If you go-easy in the beginning, people may think that this is the way it is going to be throughout – it is natural for people to think so. If it is natural=LAW OF NATURE for people to think so, then same should apply to bike. So I say: balls to run-in period ! Use the bike as you normally/naturally would from day-0ne.


So when I rode 16km to SBS on highway, I let go. I touched 80kph speed and bike kept its poise very well. I could VERY EASiLY keep up with the traffic. Bike may dum hai !

OK. So the Xpro has best Low End Torque (L.E.T.) characteristics among all Her0 bikes; the ride quality is Fantastic, speed and pickup is good enough to keep up with highway traffic=very satisfying!

But how much is power & torque? What about the technical facts like tires, brakes and dimensions of other etceteras?


Ah yes! Facts and figures!

As mentioned many times above, this 109.17cc, Long-Stroke engine produces 6.4kw=8.7PS~8.6bhp at 7500rpm and max torques 9.36 N m @ 5500 rpm which is more than adequate for dubble seat ride with bubble wife in city traffic!

This 1265mm wheelbase bike rides on 18inch dia tires (supposed to be tubeless for alloy wheels but tubed tires can also fit equally well) of thickness 80/100 front and 90/90 rear. Stopping, on the Xpro which I have, is by 130mm drum brakes both front and rear, though Her0 company literature mentions optional 240mm disc brake in front. Fuel tank capacity is 9.5liters. Ground clearance is mentioned as 170mm which is good enuff to clear any speed breaker!



While the excellent pickup of this 109.17cc / 8.6bhp bike is good enuff to keep up with highway traffic, the speed0-indicated top speed of this bike as noted by Devjeet Saha (71kg) is 112kmph, which again is bloody good.

Mileage Test was done by Devjeet Saha in city (Single rider 71kg). Measured over a distance of 18.2km mileage was 67kmpL. Mileage on highway (Single rider 71kg) in top gear at steady 60kmpH is 69kmpL.

Final Verdict:

If you want a bike which has adequate power, performance, mileage, pickup and top speed:

This is it!


 Team bikeguru:

bikeguru Dilip Bam: www.facebook.com/bikegurudilipbam 

Devjeet Saha: www.facebook.com/sahadevjeet 

Hrishikesh Mandke: www.facebook.com/hrishikesh.mandke 

Photo Credits: www.djclicks.com


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