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thru SUZUKi  website : www.suzukimotorcycle.co.in

The website opens with the photo of a girl, and a boy standing behind her, both pointing to a Suzuki Swish125 skootre=scooter, (which is a Swash form of the verrriii po0opULar Suzuki Access125), which is a gearless/ungeared scooter, a genre most popular among nubile females and commonly known by GenY females as SCOOTY=skoooti=skUti which stands for any small wheeled gearless scooter.


The girl’s right hand and the boy’s left hand both are pointing at the Swish, with the boy’s palm strategically located bang0n the girl’s right…OO...you know what!



But is it a C0incidence? Naw! Nottattall!

It’s a b00by trap to trap YOU, the viewer / reader!

And then it takes you on a journey across Suzuki 2wheeler product line – from Swish to its ancestor Access to Hayate to SlingShot+ to GS150, and on to superEGObikes Hayabusa, M1800R & c. You can of course stop your journey at any point and go to any model. You can self navigate from here, which will take you to


model by model.

Suzuki has been the most low profile 2wheeler company in India. Everything about Suzuki bikes is low key as opposed to 4wheels, where Maruti Suzuki is EL Prim0!

Suzuki2w was the first Japanese 2w major to enter India Maruti ke saath-saath, a couple of years before the other Japanese 2w majors. It began as a joint venture with TVS (which at that time was best known for its TVS50 moped), and started with the 100 cc 2stroke 4geared bike named Ind-Suzuki100.


This partnership kunt in yewd for many Ears/Eras/Years, during which 2-stroke gave way to 4-stroke and the 150 cc 4stroke TVS-Suzuki Fier0 was the last model to sport the joint brand.


After its split from TVS @ ten years ago, Suzuki lay dormant for some time=THREE YEARs, and did not enter Hindustan.


Then @ August 2006==Seven years ag0, they L0nch’d TWO bikes, both 125 cc with the same engine. One was the up-market ZEUS and the other was the down-market HEAT. There was a big price difference.


I got the ZEUS for test in Aug.2006. I still have it. Even D’Puk Up Adhya Ye (who now works for NexGenPublishing==BiKE India magazine) bought one Heat at the same time (much before he started working for BiKE India magazine). But none of these two=ZEUS & HEAT, set the sales charts on fire. I daresay that they FAiLED! They remain so. The numbers on the road prove it.


Then came the Access 125 cc skOOOtre, which became (and still is) kwite suXesful. Indeed it is the most suXesful Suzuki 2w product. In fakt, I believe, it is the biggest threat to Honda Activa!


Except for the Suzuki Access125, no other Suzuki bike has seen much success. WHY?

I think it has to do with nomenclature! That is: NAMEs of the bikes!


Eh? What nonsense! This is superstition! Andh-Vishwas! How can you say this?


I say this based on the thinking of thousands of my MBA students every year since the last 25 years!

Eh? How?


Take Suzuki’s first two (simultaneous=same time lonched) bikes in India:


Their names? Zeus and Heat.


The average Indian buyer does not know WHOTF is Zeus, nor cares. So he does not even google. He thinks: zeus? Wrong spelling of Jesus? Not even 0ne in a million Indians have heard of Zeus or know WHOTF is Zeus, nor cares. So Zeus drew a blank. It is still a blank. Bike is XLNT. I have fully tested it. My test report of Zeus is floating on the internet for seven years. Read it.


The stripped, down-market, el-cheap0 version of the same bike having the same engine, mechanicals and cycle parts was named HEAT.


Eh? Heat? WTF? Here people=buyers are worried about overheating of bike, and you are naming it Heat? It is a name for disaster! How many Heats do you see on the road?


With such a sto0oOopid name, who will buy it? Eh? Eh?


Zeus is followed by the GS150, which is just a number. No name.


eh? Is this the short form of Zeus? Zeus becomes GS? Both sound the same. The names sound so similar that people wonder whether Zeus has morphed into GS! How can Zeus125 become GS150? Ye kya hai? Iss ki personality kya hai?


Access is the only correctly named 2wheeler from Suzuki. People have heard this word. They know this word. They have access to it.


Now comes the Swish skoootre=scooter=scooty with different loooX=Looks. WTF is the difference? Hardly any! Old wine in new bottle! No big deal. And how does the name SWiSH sound? Reminds me of a shaving razor blade brand in India many many Ears ago.


Then comes Hayate!

eh? WTF does hayate mean to an Indian?

Hayate starts with haya, which can be hayya, which can be ayya, which is baap-re-baap! WhoTF wants to buy a bike named baap-re-baap?

Further up, is the name SlingShot+. What’s the point? 99% Indians don’t know 0r care WTF is SlingShot. Plus it is such a long name. Difficult to pronounce. Name-wise it is a failure!


For SuZuki in India, nomenclature has become nomenfailure!


SuZuki just can’t name it right. They need a bike Pandit to name their bikes. That is Hindu custom. The Japanese are Hindu. Just visit the 1000 year old Sanjusengendo Temple in Japan and see the 1000 year old statues of Hindu Gods in it. Why are there Hindu Gods in Japan 1000 years ago unless the Japanese are Hindu?

Today Suzuki Offers 3 Motorcycles & 2 Scooters based on 3 engines.

The 3 engines from smallest to biggest are:

<1> smallest engine is the 112.8 cc engine which fits on just 1 model which is the Hayate. This engine has a bore X stroke of 51 X 55.2 mm, which gives a Stroke/Bore rati0 of 55.2/51= =1.08. This compares with Bullet 350 (Stroke/Bore= =90/70= =1.286, which is the highest among all current bikes in this hole cunt tree! Yet 1.08 is pretty good for Low End Tork=LET. The swept volume of this engine is~~112.764 cc, which is correctly rounded off to 112.8 cc.


0perating at a Compression Ratio [CR] of 9.5 : 1, the website http://www.suzukimotorcycle.co.in/hayate.aspx does NOT give any power & torque figures nor rpm figures.


eh? No rpm, power and torque figures? WTF?


That is why I am classifying this website as webite, because an 0fficial website which does NOT give rpm, power and torque figures, is a site which bites, hence I call it webite, not website!

<2> NEXT is the 124 cc engine which fits on ONE bike   model that is SlingShot+ which has TWO variants. 0ne is the SlingShot+SEU and the 0ther is SlingShot+SCD. Having bore X stroke of 53.5 X 55.2, giving a swept volume of 124.08981 cc=~=124.09~~124.1~~124 cc. OK. Theek hai! OK.


0perating at a Compression Rati0 [CR] of 9.6:1, and fed by a VM18 carburetor, this bike has both kick & elektrik start. But again no rpm, power and tork figures are mentioned.


So WTF? Same old story. We-bite instead of website!


I dubble chkk’dd the spesifikashuns=specifications of both and found absolutely NO DiFFERENCE between SEU and SCD except a difference of 1kg in kerb weight. The SCD is listed as 129 kg and the SEU is shown as 128 kg at Noon on Sat.13.July.2013. I wonder what causes the difference in weight! I cannot make out. I even chk’d out the two fot0s but I cannot see any difference. My eyesight is probably weak! I am 0ld man.

The two 0tt0matic / Vari0matic Suzuki scooters: Access & Swish, are based on this 124 cc engine.

Max power of this scooter is 6.4 kw=8.7 PS=8.56 bhp at 7000 rpm and Max. Torque==9.8Nm at 5000rpm (1.0kg-m at 5,500rpm)—what does that mean! This is strange! The fact is that 9.81 Nm by definition==1.0 Kg-M. How can this engine have the SAME tork at 5000 rpm and 5500 rpm? This is technically impossible unless the torque curve is absolutely flat & horizontal. is it?


Starting is by KicckK and also Elektrik. Suspension is same as other skoOOotres. No big deal. Braking is by drum brakes front and rear. And the drum size is written as 120 mm, which is strange, funny and probably my mistake in reading. Maybe I am blind.


The most common and therefore cheap drum brakes are of size 110 mm and 130 mm. Why is Suzuki using 120 mm? Most UnCome0n=uncommon size. Dunn0 why!


The scooter rides on 90/100 X 10 inch dia tires both front and rear. Riding on a wheelbase of 1250 mm with a GC of 160 mm, the scooter weighs 115 kg with a seat height of 78 cm. Battery is 12v-5Ah with headlight power of 35 watts. Fuel tank is of SiX liters and dicky is of 20 Liters to keep HELMET.

Teknikallee=technically both Access & Swish have absolutely same mechanicals and cycle parts. 0nly looks and price are different.

Swish mileage is claimed at 57 kmpl and Access is claimed at 54 kmpl. Both these figures are far from real. In real life, in city traffic these skOOOtres will give mileage @ 40 kmpl. Don’t expect more.

<3>~~The third engine is fitted in the GS150R. It has Bore X Stroke of 57 X 58.6 mm ==149.533=~=149.5 cc. Surprizingly this Suzuki 0fficial website http://www.suzukimotorcycle.co.in/GS150Rprice.aspx  gives rpm, power and torque figures. Max power is 13.8 bhp at 8500 rpm and max torque is 13.4 Nm at 6000 rpm at a Compression Ratio of 9.35:1. Fuel system is a BS29 carburetor with TPS, whatever TPS means (Total Phokut Shit==Media Hype). Ignition is CDI=Capacitor Discharge Ignition. Starting is Elektrikka and Kickker.

The stroke/bore ratio of this engine is 58.6/57= =1.028 =~=1.03, which is on the positive side for LET.

This is the only 150 cc bike in this hole kunt tree which has SiX gears. It has front disc brake and rear drum brake like most other 150 cc bikes of other brands! The good part of this bike is that it has 18inch tires (not 17” like most others) both front and rear. The front being 2.75 inches wide while the rear is 100/90 mm.

On a wheelbase of 1335 mm, the GroundClearance=GC is 160 mm.

Fuel Tank is of 15.5 Liters. Seat Height 790 mm and Kerb weight is 149 kg.

Even this bike is not making a splash. SuZuki is not making a splash.

If SuZuki wants to make a splash it must rename its bikes and do Hoo Ha about it!

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