DSK Hyosung GV 650 Update

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I got the DSK-Hyosung Aquila Pro 650 in the first week of July (last week) for a day to check it out. The bike is HEAAVY! Much heavier than any Bullet or Karizma or FZ or…whatever! 


It has the dandiest silencer I have ever seen! The silencer has SiX barrels of~18 mm dia protruding out of the rear end of the silencer – like a GATLiNG Gun – which also rotate like the barrels in the GATLiNG Gun! Indeed, the word TAiLGUNNER is prominently written on the silencer. And it does produce a ROAR with the exhaust sound loud enough=enuff to wake up the whole neighborhood!


And what bluuddy W-i-D-E tires! The rear tire is 180/55! 180=180mm=18cm=Eighteen bluddy cm (=more than 7 inches) wide, with the lowest aspect rati0 (55) I have ever ridden! It is 0ne of the LOWEST PROFiLE tire on any bike in this hole cunt ree!


I am not really into big bikes. My upper limit of interest is 250cc, preferably single cylinder. Call it commuter segment or Premium commuter segment or Aspirational segment…..0r whatever!


This Aquila Pro bike has very low Ground Clearance. She’s OK on a known speed breaker if you slow down, but if you don’t slow down the Krank-kace is gonna hit the bottom! And if you go into a pit, well you’re in it. It is the pits in pits! AVOiD PiTs……..if you can see them in time!


This is also the first bike I have rided=ridden which has final drive as BELT DRiVE==No chain! I had seen some Harleys on the Arizona/Nevada highways in the US when I visited in August 2004 which had BELT DRiVE. The belt is a Toothed Belt with corresponding Teeth cut into the rear sprocket on the rear wheel. It’s a dandy [and very silent] arrangement. How long the synthetic rubber belt will lastIs synthetic rubber belt cheaper than steel chain? Is it more, or equally, effective in transmitting motion? There must be a reason. There may be many reasons. What are they? Cost? Convenience? Efficiency? 


While Arizona and Nevada are almost totally dry desert, Pune where I am riding this bike currently, is wet and it is raining. The roads are wet and it would be foolish to try any histri0nics – given the weight of this bike – the 180 mm wide tires notwithstanding! The website


http://www.dskhyosung.com/gv650/technical_spec.htm shows 


kerb weight of this bike as 240 kg, but it FeeLs much heavier! Heaviest Bullet 500 weighs 195 kg but does not feel even half as heavy as this 650 cc Aquila.


The 57.2 cm (=22.5 inch) long rear swing-arm is of very solid construction: It is vertically 53 mm, and horizontally 8mm thick solid metal – probably steel.


The seating geometry is totally cruiser, but don’t confuse it with Bajaj Avenger cruiser. Compared to this Aquila Pro, Bajaj Avenger is a mini NaNo. In this Aquila Pro, your legs extend horizontally straight ahead, and the RBP=Rear Brake Pedal (at RH) and GSL=Gear Shift Lever (at LH) jut out vertically. Pedal throw on both sides is an ergonomic 15 cm. The vertically jutting out RBPs & GSLs were first seen on the 125 cc Yamaha Enticer many years ago.


The power plant is a 647 cc water cooled L90*-Twin.


eh? WTF is an L90*-Twin? An L90*-Twin is an Angular Twin whose Angle-of-the-Dangle is 90 degrees! While the angle between the two arms of the L90* has to be 90* degrees, the angle of the V is generally between 30 degrees and 60 degrees, but can be anything more or less!


The TWO arms of the L90* engine are NOT in-line but are 0ffset! The front cylinder having a left bias is 0ffset to the left and the rear cylinder having a right bias is 0ffset to the right. Just look carefully and you will notice it yourself.


I imagine it must always be so in any V or L90* Twin, so that both big-ends can be on the same crankpin, with maybe a thrust washer between them.


This L90* engine has 4Valves per cylinder, so TWO cylinders= =8ValvesTwo 0verhead Camshafts calledDOHC=Double Over Head Camshafts 0perate the valves. HiTec this is!


Their website http://www.dskhyosung.com/gv650/technical_spec.htm



mentions max power as 54.5 kw==74 bhp (correct) at 9000 rpm. 9000 rpm is higher than most other smaller bikes (Xtreme/Hunk/Pulsar etc.) which max at 8500 rpm.


Max Torque is mentioned at 62.1 Nm at 7500 rpm which is about SiX times more (higher) than the old 2stroke Yamaha RX100 which died almost 20 years ag0.


Transmission is 5-speed, with a 0ne-down-four-up shift pattern. 


The 1670 mm wheelbase (Almost 0ne foot longer than Bullet) is pretty long and helps to keep the CG low. Ground Clearance is @ 150 mm, bike vertical, rider Devjeet Saha 73 kg.


The handlebar is wide and Rear View Mirrors (RVMs) are quite good and effective. Dashboard display is minimalist, no faltu gizmogiri !


The website which is quite pedestrian (=paidal=on foot=almost lame=langda) does not mention headlight power, which should be mentioned in watts, but there is no mention. Never mind. I already tolded you: it is a 

pedestrian=paidal= pedestrian website!


But I did check out the headlight beam quality at night in my totally dark lane with upslope, downsL0pe, and hump! It is pretty good. 


I think it is 60/55 watts which is the norm in premium bikes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I think they should at least inkreeze it to 100 watts. That is the least they can do, just a few more turns of wire in the headlight coil!


However I shall measure the Effectivity of the headlight in my detailed test which shall be done later.

No braking and / or acceleration tests were done since time is short and it is raining. Await details.


Team bikeguru:

bikeguru Dilip Bam: www.facebook.com/bikegurudilipbam

Devjeet Saha: www.facebook.com/sahadevjeet

Hrishikesh Mandke: www.facebook.com/hrishikesh.mandke

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