RALCO’s New Tubeless Bike Tires

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Team bikeguru has done extensive Tests on RALCO / RALSON Tubed Tires for bikes & scooters. Our Test Report – text format as well as in Audi0-Visual format is there on this site at


We have quantitatively measured the Life, Wear Resistance, Road Grip & Braking Characteristics of Ralco Tires and found them to be as good as the best brands.

Wear Resistance defines life of tire; Road grip defines safety of rider and good braking characteristics saves the Life of Rider! These are the most important aspects to look for when buying a tire.

In actual riding over thousands of km we found Ralco/Ralson tires fulfilling the above conditions, as proven by our test results.

 Ralson has been MARKET LEADER in the bicycle Tires for more than dozen years and has entered into Motorcycle and Scooter Tires with a bang! The tires we tested were TUBED Tires.

Now Ralco / Ralson has come out with TUBELESS Tires for motorcycles in most popular sizes. They are:

TUBELESS Blaster T Tread Pattern==Designed for rear tire.

<1>2.75 X 18 – very common size==Splendor and other 100 cc / 125 cc bikes. Some bikes use this size on front tire while some others use this size on rear tire.

<2>90/90 X 18 – same as 3.oo X 18. Both will fit on same rim/wheel. Seen on Splendor+, Passion & other 100/125 bikes.

<3>100/80 X 18 – can be used in place of 100/90 X 18 & 100/70 X 18. 0n same rim/wheel.

TUBELESS Speed Blaster Tread Pattern:

<1>120/80 X 17 and 120/80 X 18 – 0lder models use 18” and newer models use 17’ tires. Quite a popular size. Mostly Rear Tire in 150 cc + bikes.

TUBELESS Blaster F Tread Pattern:

<1>90/90X 17; same as 3.oo X 17 – Both will fit on same rim/wheel.

<2>80/100 X 17 – gives smoothest ride because of Reverse Aspect Ratio.

<3>80/100 X 18 – mostly older bikes use 18” diameter wheels. Smoothest ride because of Reverse Aspect Ratio.

Blaster-F pattern is meant for front wheel fitment and most of the Pulsar's (150cc & above) and TVS Apache are using this size as front fitment.


PLEASE NOTE: TUBELESS Tires CANNOT be fitted on spoke wheels.

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