Hero Impulse: First Impression

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The first thing to strike the eyes when you see the Impulse is…..well, the whole bike itself ! It is IMPULSiVE!

The front mudguard! The headlight! The Seat! The semi-knobby tires and the large diameter (19-inch) front wheel – to name some of the obvious visuals! But why should I name them? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder which leads to Impulsive action! Is she a Looker? Are you impelled to Hook Her? Be Impulsive and book her! There are no impediments. At least one thing you won’t have to bother about is speed breakers, that’s for sure!

Everything is ABOVE normal. The front mudguard is more than 0ne foot ABOVE the front tire – something which does not exist in any other bike. The Front Forks appear ABOVE the highest, and taller than the tallest. The blinkers – both front and back, are placed way ABOVE normal height.

Team bikeguru member Rahul Bam points out that the routing of the hydraulic pipe from the RH handlebar grip goes up as an arch much ABOVE the handlebar. Another member Devjeet Saha who looks more from the backside than front side, observes that the exhaust is much ABOVE the rear wheel. Can we go underwater?

Chain cover is of nominal plastic which has only ABOVE part, below is empty, except the solid white plastic TiNDU below rear axle, bolted to swing arm – what’s the purpose here? It is NOT a chain guide anyway! So what is it doing there? To find out, will have to do a Pune – Roha Return via Tamini ghaat horrible road which I last did on 26.Oct.2012 on Hero ZMR. The sub frame for pillion footrests is again much ABOVE normal, and not at all stylized – or shall we say: Stylized Reverse Lee Like Bruce Lee!

The rear grab-rail again is very much ABOVE normal size, placed where no grab rail has been placed before!

The seat shape is as never before on any bike, and allows driver to ass-slide, which to me represents the best seat because I place a premium on ass-slide-ability. To me, THAT is democracy==the freedom to move your ass! What’s more is the Seven inch long exTraaa space behind the seat, and hard-padded – for whom? Ghost? No human would like to sit there! Maybe it is for resting your backpack!

Other facts are: Front tire is 19-inch dia and 90/90 thick and has a disc brake. Rear tire is 17-inch dia and 110/90 thick and has a drum brake. In both tires, tread pattern is not totally hardcore knobby but, I would say, semi-knobb! To know the meaning of 110/90 and 90/90 etc. see RALCO TiRE Test Video on this site. Read data given in text under: Tiresome facts.

And you know what?

THREE things which are a first on any Indian bike I have seen:

<1>The link from the brake pedal to rear drum brake is routed ABOVE the swing-arm. In all other bikes having rear drum brake, this link is BELOW the swing arm!

<2>In all other bikes having drum brake at rear, there is a stay-rod (tie-rod? ) which holds the brake shoes in place (stationary) when they expand, so that rear wheel motion stops when you brake. In the Impulse, this part is directly bolted / riveted to the swing-arm, which I have not seen in any other bike. This method gets rid of the stay-rod and would reduce weight of bike by maybe half kg, which is good. I wonder why other bikes don’t adopt this.

<3>In every other bike I have tested, there is a spacer on the rear axle – on the RHS. In the impulse there is no spacer. How come? Is the swing-arm gap in Impulse narrower than other bikes? I decided to measure the max width of the swing-arm or other bikes. And I found out that THEY ARE DiFFERENT. They differ from bike to bike, but not much. SiGNiFiCANTLY, they do NOT differ enough to account for the space required for the stay-rod mentioned above. Needs more research which I shall do in my next installment of the Impulse report.

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