Pulsar 200 NS First Ride Impression

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Having already fully tested the KTM Duke 200 some time ago (you can read my full TEST REPORT on this site), I had been waiting to get my hands on the Bajaj 200 NS. Why?

Bkoz both: KTM Duke200 and Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS have the same engine – or at least the same bore X stroke. So engine size==cc, is definitely dimensionally same==identical.


I rode the Pulsar 200 NS for an hour, and there is a massive difference: Duke 200 has just ONE spark plug while the Pulsar 200 NS has THREE spark plugs! Therefore I assumed that the Pulsar200NS would have much more “spunk” than the KTM.


Surprisingly: It is NOT so. The Pulsar200NS falls short on promise – it’s THREE spark plugs NOTwithSTANDiNG!


Now spark plug creates the Power. It is produces the power that moves the Prick=Penis=Lund=Piston, inside the cylinder=pussy=cunt=choot, which produces motion.


I had imagined that fuckking one pussy (=cunt=cylinder) with THREE pricks (cocks=piston) would be more quantum of fuck than fukking with single prick.


I was proved wrong on this one by the difference in RiDiNG PLEASURE (=Fucking pleasure?) between Duke200 and Pulsar200NS!


How does this fit in with LAW OF NATURE? I tried to analyze it mathematically and came to the following kon kloo zion: The amount of semen (=reproductive power) produced in any entity (living organism) or HUMP in mechanical device, like engine, depends solely on the size of the SCROTUM (=cc of engine), the number of pricks (plugs) NOTwithSTANDiNG! 

Kindly note that HUMP is NOT the same as BHP! HUMP is the Quality of power delivery at tyre<>road interface, which is the same as QUALiTY of fuck, at prick<>cunt interface!


If this definite measureable amount of SEMEN (==reproductive power of living organism) ==quality of power delivery=HUMP=THUMP=BUMP of a mechanical device (=engine) is squirted out through THREE Pricks, them the intensity of power delivery (pleasure of fuck) per prick will be just 0ne-third  0f what it would be if ejaculated thru a single prick!


It would be like marrying THREE six-year old girls instead of ONE eighteen-year old girl!


So the fukkin’ pleasure of riding the Pulsar200NS is nowhere near that of Duke200!


Yet there is a massive advantage in the Pulsar200NS: and that is MiLEAGE! Which means ECONOMY! Which everybody wants primarily! Imagine, even when people buy 1300 cc Hayabusa bike, they are worried about mileage!


So if you are worried about mileage, economy and other financial considerations, go for Pulsar200NS. It definitely gives much more mileage than Duke200, and also costs much less.


The Pulsar200NS is cheaper than Duke200 by more than Thirty Thousand Rupees==Rs.30,000/-!


By going for Pulsar200NS, you benefit in TWO dimensions:


<1>One is BRAG value=You can brag that your Pulsar200NS has the same engine as Duke200.

<2>You save munny in buying price as well as in mileage.


It is difficult for me to understand the psyche of a Pulsar200NS buyer. If you want economy, simple: go for Hero CD Dawn==cheapest to buy, zero maintenance, best mileage.


If you want PLEASURE of riding, go for Duke200.

If you want some of this and some of that: then go for Pulsar200NS.


Image Courtesy: Rohit Mule

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