DSK Hyosung GV650P Cruiser bike: First Ride Impression

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Team bikeguru got the DSK Hyosung GV650P Cruiser bike for 28 hours to let the team get a Riding impression of the bike.


This eight valve, 90 degree twin, 647 cc bike, which kicks out 74 bhp (Gawd!) at 9000 and Torques more than 62 Nm at 7500, at a compression ratio of 11.5, is quite an armful of a bike. In fact, it is more than just an armful: It is also a Handfull, Legfull, Assfull, Eyefull and everything else-full bike. Indeed it is the fullest bike I have ridden on this part of the Bangalore – Bombay highway!


And it is heavy – as in HEAVY! The brief spec.-sheet which I got with the bike lists its KERB weight as 240 kg. So with the full tank of petrol, 0il and etcetras with which the bike came to Team bikeguru, it weighed a cool 250 kg – that is a quarter of a TON! So help me gawd!


I took the bike for a 32 km Hi-speed run to Balaji Kolej (SBS/BIMM) in Wakad and back, from Chandni Chowk in Pune. Boy, this bike is outta this world. Nobody can keep up with you, much less get ahead of you – be it Mercedes car / BMW car or whatever! Bikes ka toh poochho hi mat - sab ke sab mera dhuan chaat rahe thay ! They are there to smell your fart…….errr….exhaust!


Some road-hog irritating you? Want to make him smell your exhaust? Just open the throttle – no matter which gear you are in – Bash 0n Regardless! Like Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw said! And let him smell your exhaust!


The 62 Nm of Torque is highly manifest. You can even forget about changing gears. No matter which gear you are in – this bike will pull full force from wherever it is at whichever speed in whichever gear!


The rider footrests are way ahead – like they should be in a cruiser. The rear brake (RH) and gear shifter (LH) are vertical toe operated – cruiser style. Due to the vertical nature of the rear-brake-pedal and gear-shifter, I wish there was a "Heel-Rest" appendage to the driver footrests. I was wearing crepe-sole shoes without any serrations and my feet were slipping. Sure, if I was wearing shoes with serrated soles they might not slip, but I don't have enuff munny to buy new shoes. After all, I am just a poor, 67 year old motorcycle mechanic so help me Gawd!


Tyres are low profile massive: Rear tyre is 180/55 X 17 and front is 120/70 X 18. Stopping is quite effective and is achieved by twin discs front and single disk rear. It is a 5-speed bike with a 0ne-down-four-up shift pattern.


Having no carburetor, it has EFI=Electronic Fuel Injection, which does an excellent job.


Being such a heavy bike, the engine has to be low slung (to keep centre of gravity=CG, as low as possible) and the crank-case might just touch the speed breaker if you are not careful. Yet the flip side works for me. How?


Have a heart! If the CG was not as low as it is on this one, how could Dilip Bam (49 kg) handle a bike (250 kg) which weighs more than FiVE TiMEs more than his own weight? And in case you dinn0, this is the first bike I have ridden which has no drive chain - its final drive is BELT DRiVEN. I had seen belt driven Harleys in the US in 2004, but this GV650P is the first belt driven bike I have ridden.

Before signing off, I must mention about the high quality add-ons, accoutrements, accessories and chrome. All these are worth stealing. The rear view mirrors are fan-tas-tique! I would like to steal them and fit then on my favorite city bike==TVS XL70 2-stroke moped! After all, even mopeds need safety! And talking about safety, I must mention the GV650P headlight: The beam quality and brightness is superb!


All I can say is: Ride it to believe it! Five Lakh twenty-five  is all it takes!


Team bikeguru:

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