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Going Zig-Zag?

Zigwheels, a times of india Auto promo initiative (hard copy as well as e-copy) yesterday==Friday 21.December 2012==Doomsday==end of the world according to the Mayan Calender==brought out a hardcopy supplement nominating some awards to some bikes. The same paper also nominated some cars for some awards, but bikeguru does not comment on cars bkoz TWO LEGGED CREATURES do not comment on four legged units, they simply EAT them!

Zigwheels Bike of the year award goes to Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, which has same engine dimensions==bore X stroke (=72 X 49 mm), as the KTM200 Duke, but has THREE spark plugs while the KTM200 has just ONE spark plug. bikeguru has tested the KTM200 Duke (report is here on this site), but not ridden the Pulsar 200 NS.

Yet the fact of three spark plugs in the Pulsar is intriguing. Add to this the fact that:

Fuel intake system in the Pulsar is thru carburetor, while in the KTM it is Electronic Fuel Injection – I dunno exactly how, why and what difference it makes in the performance & mileage of bikes, but apparently it does. I have seen that the Fuel Injected 223 cc Hero ZMR produces more power and more torque at the same RPM than the Carburetor fed 223 cc Hero KarizmaR, both having same bore X stroke. However, from whatever I gather, 0ne-plug KTM seems to have an edge over three-plug Pulsar, in that KTM produces slightly more torque and more power at 10,000 RPM than the Pulsar does at 9500 RPM. Therefore, if Pulsar200 gives more mileage than KTM200, then the lower torque and power figures in the Pulsar at lower RPM are in sync.

I would be grateful if anyone could explain to me the how, what & why of F-i versus carburetor!

Is three-plug-technology some kind of a breakthrough? I dunno. I am not sure. In this highly restricted 200 cc class, I think mileage hardly matters. Nobody will buy a Pulsar 200 just bkoz it gives 4 kmpL more mileage!

Is there a substantial difference between the power, performance and mileage of these two bikes to justify the Rs.30,000/- price difference? Pulsar 200 NS is 0ne Lakh while KTM200 Duke is 1.3o Lakh.

I can’t say. I have yet to ride the Pulsar 200 NS.

The other Zigwheels award is for Bike Maker of the year, which goes to Royal Enfield. I more than agree with it. Enfield has really done a great job. It has CHANGED! And how!

The crankcase ALWAYs Leaked!

First, many years ago it went from “Right-Gearshift-Left-Rearbrake    to   Left-Gearshift-Right-Rearbrake!

The crankcase WAS STiLL Leaking!

Then it went from FOUR gears to FiVE gears!

The crankcase WAS STiLL Leaking!

The gear-shift pattern went from 0ne-up-three down by right foot TO 0ne-down-four-up by left foot.

The crankcase WAS STiLL Leaking!

The gear shifter, from toe-only became a heel-toe shifter and people were happier!

The crankcase WAS STiLL Leaking!

The crankcase swallowed the bolted gearbox and the engine unit became mono-block, UCE they called it, to mean Unit Construction Engine!

AND the crankcase STOPPED Leaking!

AND the power went up. The Torque went up. LET went up. ELF went up. Everything went up.

AND the crankcase still does not leak!

What more can I say?


Quod Erat Demnostrandum!

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