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It is surprising why & how Bajaj is Lonching TWO 200 cc bikes of almost same specifications almost at the same time: One is the pure Bajaj Pulsar brand and the other is the European KTM brand. While the performance (at least as per the specs on the website) figures are neck to neck, the price difference is very wide. That is: while the Pulsar 200 NS would be less than 0ne Lakh in Pune, the KTM 200 would be 1.4 lakh in Pune. So Price difference is 40% while power difference is less than 5% (4.72%), that is 1.18 bhp in 25 bhp. Is KTM such a powerful brand? To me it is not. I grew up in 1958 worshipping brands like BSA, Triumph, Velocette, Enfield, Matchless, AJS, Ariel etc., and graduated riding Java in kolej in 1967 (45 years ago) and Testing Bullet, Rajdoot. Yezdi and Ind-Suzuki for a living with Adil==Car&Bike magazine==Jal Darukhanawala in 1988 and with Gautam Sen (XLRI) Auto India magazine in 1998, Hormuzd Sorabjee, notwithstanding. 

Both bikes are Likvid (=Liquid) kooled and both produce @ 25 bhp of power. Exactly speaking: Pulsar 200 NS produces 23.5 bhp at 9500 rpm and the KTM200 produces 18.4 kw==25 PS==24.68 bhp of power at 10,000 rpm as per HARD COPY leaflet I got from the KTM people at Bajaj Probiking showroom. Therefore Engine Life Faktor of the KTM Duke 200 would be 5% less than Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, compression ratio notwithstanding. 

While the KTM produces 1.5 bhp more of power at 500 rpm higher than Pulsar, the KTM also produces slightly higher torque of 19.2 NM==1.96 MKg at 8000 rpm compared to 18.3 Nm==1.87 MKg produced by the Pulsar 200 also at 8000 rpm, which is 4.8 % less than KTM. 

Both bikes have 4-valve engine; both bikes have only E-start, no kicker; both bikes have same wheelbase (1363 mm); both have six gears in 0ne-down-five-up configuration; both have disc brakes front and rear – the KTM having 300 mm disc front compared to 280 mm on the Pulsar, the rear disc being 230 mm in both. Both claim almost same ground clearance (165 mm) and have same 17-inch diameter tires front and rear, though the KTM uses 110/70 tire front and 150/60 very low profile tire rear as compared to 100/80 and 130/70 rear on the Pulsar. Both bikes use tubeless tires. Both have digital ignition. 

There do appear to be small insignificant differences: Ready to Race weight of the KTM is 126 kg (without fuel), while the kerb weight (which means half tank fuel)of Pulsar 200 is 145 kg. KTM has 60/55 watt headlight power while Pulsar has 35 watts. KTM has fuel tank of 10.5 liters while Pulsar has 12 liters. 

The biggest similarity between these two bikes is that both HAVE THE SAME ENGiNE! Both have bore of 72 mm and stroke of 49 mm. This is too much of a coincidence. 

Hu (Jin Tao) is copying Hu (Yao Bang)? When long ago, Hero Honda used Unikorn engine for Hunk & Xtreme, it was by agreement, for which Hero paid Honda. Is there any transactional agreement here? From what I seem to remember, Bajaj has partly or totally bought over KTM and KTM is now partly or totally owned by Bajaj. 

What is not clear from available data is whether the Pulsar 200 NS is DTSi or non DTSi, because nowhere on the Bajaj official Pulsar 200 NS website has DTSi been mentioned, though triple spark is mentioned. 

What is triple spark? From whatever research I have done, I understand that triple spark means three electrodes in one spark plug. It does not mean THREE different spark plugs. However DTSi means TWO different spark plugs which can be clearly seen on the engine. 

While as on 19.February 2012, I have not seen the Pulsar 200 NS physically, I checked out the nine photos available on the website. From these photos I make out that there are at least TWO spark plugs. 

Hence I conclude that Pulsar 200 NS is DTSi and each plug is triple spark, which is a lot of spark. Therefore I believe that in terms of combustion efficiency this Pulsar 200 NS would be the most fuel efficient bike in India having least percentage of unburned fuel coming out of the exhaust. 

At @ approx Rs. One Lakh on road in Pune, this mean and aggressive looking Pulsar 200 NS is sure to create a buzz in the market. It is way ahead of the earlier Pulsar 200, or even the current 220 DTSi!  

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