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Hyosung GT650N (N==naked==no fairing) First ride. 

The Hyosung GT650 is probably the heaviest bike I have ridden in the last decade. It is also the only 8-valve, 90-degree twin I have ridden. This gives it a lot of exclusivity. I am not a stranger to the Korean Hyosung brand, having many years ago tested the Hyosung 250 cc twins: the Aquila cruiser and the Comet Sport. Kinetic had made a 0ne-time import of some 300 units of these and sold them for @ 1.75 lakh each, six-seven years ago. 

0f course the GT650 is big and heavy. The 0wners Manual claims a ‘mass’ of 208 kg. The Honda CBR250 and Ninja 250 are @ the same weight as Bullet and weigh @ 187-190 kg with 90% fuel & oil. The 208 kg ‘mass’ claimed in the GT650 0wners Manual seems dry weight, and with 90% fuel and oil, it felt more like 225-230 kg. I am 66 years old and my weight is only 50 kg! 

My first test ride towards Mulshi (my normal out-of-town test road) wasn’t very pleasant. It was @ 18:40 pm on Wed.9.Nov that I set out towards Mulshi with my wife (66 kg) pillion. Research has shown that 77% of married women who have had kids and have a living husband are 22-31% heavier than their husbands. This research seems to be true because I fall in this category. The vertical gap between me and my wife was tremendous. While the driver seat is comfortable, the pillion seat is almost way up in the sky! Though my 60 year old wife normally sits on a high social pedestal, she was not used to the physically high pedestal which the pillion seat of the GT650 gave her. 

Though the 55/60 watt headlight was brighter and more comfortable than most other bikes I have tested, the oncoming traffic returning from Hinjewadi via Ghotawade phata was too much, and the bright 100 watt car headlights focusing on me was very irritating. 

I decided to return home and wanted to make a U-turn, but due to the heavy traffic on both sides and the very large turning radius of the GT650, I just could not do it double seat. In the event, I asked my wife to get off and made the U turn single seat and returned home with her. The next day I fell sick==fever etc. and was out of action for two weeks, and the bike had to be returned. The 600 km test ride to Dapoli and back is still due. 

The stroke to bore ratio of the GT650 engine==62/81.5==0.76 does not lend itself to strong Low End Torque. It is difficult to go beyond fourth gear in the city. Peak torque of 61 Nm is developed at over 7500 rpm which is why the bike has to be kept in high revs. 

Road holding, track-ability and traffic-ability are very good as proved by others of my team. We have not been able to measure its claimed top speed of 210 kph because we have not been able to find a road suitable for that. Pickup (zero-to-sixty) and braking distance (sixty-to-zero) could not be done because of my sickness. 

The bike rides on 17-inch diameter low profile tyres: 120/60 front and 160/60 rear. The six speed, 0ne-down-five-up, constant mesh gearbox is operated thru a wet multi plate Kluch. Built on a wheelbase of 1445 mm, the GT650 has a ground clearance of 165 mm. Stopping is by twin discs front and single disc rear, both hydraulic using DOT4 brake oil. Fuel tank is 17 liters and SAE 10W40 engine oil capacity is 3.4 liters. The liquid cooled engine has a coolant capacity of 1.6 liters (Radiator & Reservoir). 

This bike would be most enjoyable to be driven on open highway with well endowed young 55 kg girlfriend sitting pillion and not 60 year old 66 kg wife. 

Wheelbase==1445 mm ; Weight==208 kg ; Ground Clearance==165 mm ; 

V Twin==90 * -- 8 valves DOHC water cooled. 

Bore==81.5 mm; Stroke==62 mm. Cubic capacity== 647 cc. 

Max Power==52.4 kw ==71.26 ps==70.3 bhp @ 9000 rpm. 

Max. Torque==60.9 Nm==6.2 Kg-M at 7500 rpm. 

Max speed == 210 kph 

Steering angle == 46 * left & right Turning radius==2540 mm. 

Gradability == 15 degrees 

Front suspension == Upside down telescopic Rear suspension== progressive linkage hydraulic mono 

Front brake == double disc ; Rear Brake == single disc. 

Tyre Front == 120/60 x 17 ; Rear == 160/60 x 17. 

Pressure Front == 2.25 kg/sq.cm ; Rear == 2.50 kg / sq.cm. Alloy wheels 

Clutch == wet multi plate ; Gears==six speed constant mesh – 1 down 5 up 

Ignition = Electronic Control Unit. Spark Plug == NGK CR 8E ; gap == 0.7 to 0.8 mm 

Battery== 12V – 12 AH ; headlight == 55 / 60 watt ; Brake light == LED. 

Fuel Tand capacity == 17 liters. 

Engine OiL grade== SAE 10W40 ; Engine OiL capacity == 3.4 liters 

Coolant capacity == 1.6 liters (Radiator & Reservoir) 

Brake Oil = DOT 4. 

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